Guild advertising

Is the guild advertising working ? I've added advertise yesterday at 16:00 UTC but still no one joined the guild. It used to work very well.


  • It's hit or miss best as I can tell, best of luck!!
  • Ok, I've done 2 advertising. On the first one I had no body. On the second I had nobody until the challenge starts. So it seems we have to advertise a bit before the challenge start and wait for the challenge begins.
  • I'm experiencing the same problem? I've basically "wasted" 400 gold advertising in the last 2 weeks...
  • I have the same problem today i waste 400 gold also, and nothing happen. Adv fail.
  • Can anyone from NG confirm if this has been looked into? Would love to know as its been months since my guild has been full!
  • From what I can gather it's a crapshoot, if someone would type your full guild name into the search your advertisement would be shown with one other advertisement other than that it's a roll of the dice and when I say shown I mean highlighted there are others shown but the highlighted ones are on top and highlighted LOL I recently tested it to see if my page advertisement would show and that was what I found So it's just what it is I'm afraid
  • Thanks @Walkerballz , been wondering if ad shows as guild members say friends can't find our guild when searching.
  • Another 100 golds waste :( My theory about advertising just the day before the challenge starts is wrong
  • Thank you for the update !

    I'll be patient and roll dices until a fix ;)
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