Weekend Event 1/13 - 1/16

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Healing times halved for all classes

Thread here.

Video here.

The players reactions here

Enjoy your weekend all!!!


  • Pls tomatoes for tg's or even as Sth new tomatoes for xp. no one is going to buy a that bundle, it's really heavy pricing. but we like full xp.
  • ratonraton Member
    @Teeceezy really? I cant belive it!! Boring event!! Give us something related to supplies and radio calls
    Tapatio75 said:

    Time to retire. Call me when the next update shows up

    Why are you so interested in some new bug-fix fixes?

  • Yeah, nothing new for months bugs me
  • With the Challenge maps I absolutely hate and the raid-friendly healing time reduction, I expect to spend more time with my family this weekend. :neutral:
  • DLichDLich Member
    edited January 13
    The healing times reduction are ideal for those that go for influence.

    Instead of 3/6/18 it's 2/3/9

    When going for TG's I might get bruised or injured occasionally but never incapacitated.

    So even for outpost TG raids it's not that big a deal.
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