MORGAN Deserves to die! And where the Hell is HEATH??

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Yes he does. And the sendoff should be in the most brutal way. Y'all know the reason, i don't have to justify myself here.

Oh yeah and any clue where Heath could be. Rick's group just totally forgot him, especially Tara, after everything!
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  • Explain why you think Morgan needs to die? Because I completely disagree

    And they didn't forget about him, there's just literally nothing they can do to help him at the moment
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    Explain why you think Morgan doesn't need to die, coz he's a mad man!

    And they did forget about him, i agree they can't help him, but have u ever heard even a small discussion about him?? At least his name being said anywhere?? He deserves that at least! For all that he's done for the group!!
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  • Heath: They probably wrote him off as dead. In the show, he was not back at Alexandria when Tara got back; in real life, Corey Hawkins has a new TV show. If his new show flops, they may write him back into TWD

    Morgan: He's finally realizing what Rick said about getting blood on your hands to survive this world. He believed all life was precious, but is now conflicted due to the evil people will do and their manipulative ways that get others killed. I don't think he deserves to die. I think he's going to play an important role in the war to come, but I don't see him surviving it either.
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    @xxarea83xx Richard's fate was completely unnecessary and he really didn't deserve it, for all that he had done for the kingdom. Yes i disagree with his plan of hiding that melon, but just think, if it wasn't for Benjamin, would u still feel Richard was wrong?! He had to put that anger in Ezekiel and the others and he had no other way!
    And you say "Blood on your hands"?! Seriously?? Of the people on your side?! Of those u care about?? No i wouldn't want that blood on my hands.
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  • Why are you so angry? Its a TV show. And who said anything about the blood of those i care about on my hands? Was Morgan's reaction overkill? Sure. Death penalty deserved? No. And, as we're talking about a TV show, I'll state these are my opinions based on the story line set in the TWD world, not real life reaction.

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  • TWD isn't about who "deserves" to die. Just like GoT (and real life), sometimes bad things just happen to good, neutral, or bad people. It can be random, it can be tragic. But more often than not, the death serves a purpose. In this instance, Richard's (and Ben's) deaths allowed for Morgan to finally come out of his shell, hopefully, to join the fight. Same with Carol. You could argue it also brought Ezekiel, and by default the kingdom, around.I'd rather have a ninja-Donatello and a murder-machine on my team than an untrained kid and a random bro.

    Tigers don't hurt either.

    I think I know what comic issue/event the finale will end on. I'd post here, but don't know how to do a spoiler...Anyone else think they know??
  • @General_Quatre As a reader of the comics, I'm pretty sure i know where we're headed. Then again, as Kirkman has stated that he hates writing the same thing twice, who knows?
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  • Haha true enough.

    Just figured spoilers out:
    Based on the previews of the Kingdom (with Shiva) marching into battle, and the saviors coming to Alexandria it seems, along with Rick surrounded by smoke in one brief shot, I think the finale will end with the end of issue 114 (end of "March to War" story-line), setting up All Out War as all of Season 8. Season 9 will start, IMO, with the time jump and Whisperers.

    1) Negan will come to Alexandria holding Sasha hostage, and line up some people for round 2 of Eenie-Meenie (so basically Sasha is taking Carl's place as the bargaining chip)
    2) Michonne will fight a Savior up in the Bell Tower (as Andrea did). The episode will involve it LOOKING like she falls, when really it's the Savior. We'll see it from Rick's POV on the ground outside the walls and not know her fate until Season 8 premiere...or it'll be a commercial break halfway through the episode
    3) Before Negan can kill anyone, the Kingdom will show up...I think it'll be cool if Shiva just BURSTS out of the woods and eats someone, then the rest follow suit
    4) The Saviors will retreat, but not before hurling some grenades into Alexandria (this happens later in the comics, but I think it'll be smart to end the series with the evacuation of Alexandria, and is evidenced by Rick surrounded by smoke-filled buildings in the trailer)
    5) The two sides will retreat; the Alexandrians to Hilltop where Maggie will welcome them (maybe Rick staying behind to rescue Michonne?), and the Saviors to the Sanctuary, where the Season will end with Negan's big "Sigh. We're going to war." speech from the comics.

  • All possible, with 1 exception: i think your prefetory clause to point 4 wouldn't work in this instance, even for Negan. It had to be created by something else during the obvious struggle we're about to see, or perhaps it's a scene early on from other forms of preparation.

    I'd get into more detail, but i cant figure out the 'spoiler' addition
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  • Hit the paragraph icon (the big P above where you're writing, only shows up on computers not phones) and you'll see the option Spoiler
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    @xxarea83xx Dude, i was just trying to share my opinion here, no offense man chill.
    And I know it's a TV show which is surely headed in some way, so there was some reason behind Richard's fate. But i just didn't like what happened to him, coz he really cared for The Kingdom, for his people.
    Also there have been some unnecessary deaths like those of Beth, or maybe Noah, Tyreese. But the circumstances for these deaths were different. You know what i mean right?
    And this is just an opinion man, so chill :smile:

    Still think i need a therapist?! You really need a fuckin Mental Asylum
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  • Almost 100% accuracy!
  • Ok ya'll, no need for getting ugly. It IS just a show.

    I think Richard was a pretty broken man inside. He was tired. He was willing to die to get Ezekiel to go to war beside our hero's, but his plan backfired and got Benjamin killed. That wasn't his intent at all.
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    @AudaciousCapybara69 which is why I say he didn't really have to die at MORGAN'S hands!
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