The StarBLAZERS are recruiting! 649 player minimum, ~18000 per challenge as a guild.

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The StarBLAZERS are seeking a player to fill out the guild.

Why would you want to join us?
- Very active chat with knowledgeable players.
- One of the oldest guilds in the game with players from day 1.
- Separate Palringo chat group.
- Consistently ranked on the global and US local leaderboards.
- Live streaming of events and Youtube videos for events.
- Current requirement is 649+ stars per challenge.
- Most of the guild earns 800+ per challenge.
- Guild average is around 18000 each week.
- Lowest level in the guild and level requirement is 59.
- Under producing members will be banished.
- Exemption system instead of promotion/demotion system.

Applicants should send me a private message with a screenshot of their current 610+ stars.

Exemption Information
- When you join, you earn your first exemption after 2440 stars.
- If you cannot maintain the requirement before then, you will be banished and replaced.
- After your first exemption, you earn your next exemptions after an additional 4880 stars each. (so 2440, then 7320 stars)
- Exemptions may not be used back to back.
- Exemptions will be applied automatically at the end of the week if you do not meet the goal.
- You will be notified that your exemption has been used.
- If you ask to use your exemption, and then meet the goal anyway, your exemption will not be used.


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