Overrun Compound - Overview, Strategy and Tips



  • I've created a YouTube playlist for all my videos on this challenge: it has spawn block videos for the 4 maps with spawns, and all of my missions starting on RSL 26. I will continue to add to them when I can. I'm not the best player, but hopefully you can see some strategies and how to use some traits and spawn blocks to get a few more stars!

  • I'm getting hammered on 26.1. This map is totally F&cked Up. 4 Tanks to deal with in the first 3 rounds. I'll try melee, but I'm not optimistic. I complained about this the last time and rebalancing the map was to be passed along to the devs. Yeah, right.
  • PigPig Member
    Pig said:

    I couldn't beat 25.1 on I&O :(

    I had one crack at 27.1 this time and I don't think it's worth trying again. But that means since May I've gone from finishing 24.3 to finishing 26.3. Probably I made the jump from 20 to 21 in that time, but I can't remember for sure.

    Other than that, getting some melee survivors action-ready made a huge difference. Warrior-bruiser-scout or warrior-scout-scout both worked well (often with Jesus for the warrior).

    Now, if I could get some good gear and some 2-pink survivors, I'd be dangerous!
  • @Pig I am on the same spot as you. I am using Abe, shooter hunter and at least with that team i dont think i can do 27.1. I dont have another great shooter and my melee is subpar compared to ranged. Maybe i call it quits at 950 this time...
  • PigPig Member
    @Papacas I wouldn't even try it with my Abe, shooter, hunter! The spawn would kill me, let alone the tanks. If you're stopping at 27.1 with ranged, I bet you could beat it if you trained up a melee team!
  • I had been using Scout/Assault/Shooter thru 27.3...failed a couple times in 28.1 with that combo, or replacing the scout with a second assault. Tried Abe/Assault/Shooter and beat it! If it weren't Shooter Week i'd probably be just going Abe/Assault/Assault, but my Shooter has insane damage with Marksman/Ruthless, along with Charging/Destructive on gear, so I can nearly take down a level 27 Tank with one shot.
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