I need ideas for my guild...PLEASE?

I'd like to make playing more interesting for my guild members. Could a few of you fine fellow forum members give me some ideas on friendly competitions you may have within your own guilds to freshen up the weekly grind?


  • Pretty please?
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    Might want to throw in a "with sugar on top"....
  • With sugar on top?
  • In my guild sometimes we set a target to get to and if we reach it we hands out gold crates. We also use a chat app to chat outside the game as its easier to chat and send pics which seems to push ppl to try harder.
    Other guild will give prizes like gift cards from apple and android to get some competition going
  • @Captainslayer...we do use the Line app to chat. We've had a couple people leave because they say they're bored with the game. What do you think of tg Tuesday?
  • That happens unfortunately ppl get bored or have enough with the constant changes that don't benefit the players.
    I like tg Tuesday I would prefer it was more of a discount but hey at least it's a discount, although I have no tg at the moment
  • Lotsa balls @SpacemanSpiff! I don't think I could boot the previous hi-scorer, I'd feel guilty. Lol
  • How about beat the player above u. Each player competes to beat the player above them.. Like #2 tries to beat #1, 4 tries to beat 3 and so on. That way everyone is try a little bit harder to beat a close score. #1 fights to stay number one.

    I owe you @l2wannabe
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  • All good ideas guys, thank you
  • See who can find Stu first.
  • > @Pig said:
    > See who can find Stu first.

    Lol...who the hell is Stu? I feel like I should know this.
  • @Jaden
    Thanks for enlightening me...poor Stu!
    Now I just feel terrible for Stu ☹️
  • I hope he found a great new home.

    Sometimes we see one Stu or another in an outpost...but it's never "the Stu". Sad.
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  • I hope so too @Jaden
  • Try this idea split your guilt into two. Use the challenge stars from the last round to pick your teams. Highest star count is paired with the lowest star count, will be on one team then the next highest star count and lowest count on the other team, go back and forth till the Guild is split in two teams. Then on the next challenge( you're going to have to do math) add the stars for the teams, losing team has to buy one crate for the guild per member of the team. It's a win-win... everyone in the guild get some gold crates and it only costs $400 gold.... also make funny names for the guild teams. You know your guild so you know it will work. GI Joe versus cobra. Autobots vs Decepticons. Cat versus dog. Summer versus winter. You get the idea
  • @bigmac....thank you, that's a great idea. I have my elders from both guilds looking at this thread to decide which idea we'll try first.
  • How about bottom 3 players buy gifts?

    hmm never mind, sounds more like a punishment >:)
  • I may employ that tactic too @SlowMo.....
  • @l2wannabe What's tg Tuesday?
    @Captainslayer he's right about people getting bored. It's happens no matter what you try.

    I think creating a family atmosphere is the number one thing to keep a guild / alliance fresh.
    There are many friends I made during my days when I ran 11 alliances in MPQ.
    By keeping LINE fresh or working on a few things in IGC, it can help motivate people to root for each other.

    Oh.. of course, getting good recruits. You also have to have players of approximately the same dedication. If some carry the team then they burn out quick.
    The other part is if some are on the bottom all the time and not improving they may feel stress if they are being carried.

    Good luck!
  • @DeathStroke....Tg Tuesday happened this last Tuesday for 24hrs and they offered, if I remember correctly, 3 different level 21 legendary pieces of equipment for a discount. Of course, every time your tg store was restocked, you got offered 3 different choices. Not much of a discount...dropped to 11k instead of 12.5k but a discount none the less. Ng didn't make it clear whether that was happening every Tuesday or not. I think they were testing it out.

    I'm trying several things besides the competitions. Posting links to the threads on the forum for strategies, tricks, general information and just funny threads are also things I'm trying on Line in our game chat.
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    @l2wannabe ok. the sale on Tuesday. I mean that was cool, but I would not recommend it to anyone unless they are "stalled" at a certain survivor level. My guys are level 17 and that's the first level where I would actually recommend burning up trade goods on anything else besides the hero tokens because it takes so darn long to farm. That's actually the worst part of the game to me when you get stuck at level 17 with upward mobility taking years off of my life to get to.
  • That's actually the worst part of the game to me when you get stuck at level 17 with upward mobility taking years off of my life to get to.

    Level 17 upward mobility is taking years off your life? You ain't seen nothin' yet.... :)
  • Yeah, @tabernac is not kidding, @DeathStroke. Wait until you're waiting for 12m to accumulate. That sucks!
  • @tabernac , @l2wannabe to be clear, it's my survivors chilling at Level 17 constantly asking me when I'm gonna promote them.. Sigh... And I have a feeling I'll have a better chance at seeing unicorns mate with pink elephants before I get my survivors maxed out.
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