US Top 50 Guild RISE OR DIE seeking 1 member immediately! 16,000+ stars weekly!

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Rise or Die is looking to recruit an active and highly competitive survivor who's goal is to get some serious stars. We have been a US Top 50 contender ever since our inception in February of this year. We are a competitive and social guild that is constantly sharing challenge and game strategies to help our survivors push as far as we possibly can. We use an outside chat app in order to share these strategies as well as to discuss our favorite show, The Walking Dead! Our guild minimum is 650 stars each week, but most members strive to max out every challenge. I typically get 1200+ stars each week and post video walkthroughs for the other members to use. Join our family now and help us rise even further up the rankings as well as to unlock even more valuable challenge rewards!

Guild requirements:
-Player level 58+
-650 stars per week MINIMUM
-Must download LINE app for outside communication

Rise or Die!
Leader of Rise or Die


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