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1. DO NOT retaliate on those who have opinions you do not agree with.
2. Please keep this only TWD RELATED (comic opinions are allowed too)
3. Say whatever you want! You can even make fun of the show because i'm sure people haven't always been satified with the show's pacing this past season.


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    unpopular opinions (tv show):

    1. Rick can be a very promblematic character at times. He makes bad decisions at times without even giving it a second thought. For example, he hasn't even thought about what could happen to his people if he attacked negan's outpost, or why he would ever even think about going into a dark, eery prison, full of walkers.

    2. The governor is a wayyyy better villain than negan. sure, i like negan, but he just isn't funny. he smiles every three lines and i just can't seem to see why he's such a notorious villain. he killed glenn and abe, but later on, he became extremely boring, plus he's not that evil. The governor on the other hand, boy, he killed his whole town, manipulated his people, tried to kill everybody (including children) in the prison, and kept the heads of his victims. plus, he was just so interesting, showing both his weak, light, and dark sides. glad twd could develop the governor's character really well.
  • I think the casting of Negan was horrible. The guy's a decent actor, don't get me wrong. However, in the books, Negan is a huge man who towers over Rick adding a physically dominating aspect to his character. I think an actor like Patrick Warburton would have made a far better choice, not only for his physical stature and resemblance to the book Negan, but he is a natural comedian with a distinctive voice that would've added the "creepy and terrifying, but I can't help but laugh," side to Negan's dialog.
    “Simply put, there’s a vast ocean of sh!t you people don’t know sh!t about. Rick knows every fine grain of said sh!t.”

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    It may get large. SPOILERS ahead if any haven't seen all seasons yet.

    My confessions or UO:

    Sasha. Shes been my favorite female character since season 3. She has her own internal develope so she's not that superficial. Losing Tyresse and Bob, then, going trough a route of suicidal thoughts and hopless. She does not let life defeat her. She'd fight back. Having someone like Abraham, been with Maggie by her side at Hilltop, also Tyresse's values of life gave her reasons to cling on to life, compassion and love that she could give and recieve. She went like a warrior not giving the satisfaction to Negan and giving his people an opportunity with her last act. Shes a warrior mentally and psychic. A very humanized character and the example of a good created character for the show. Sonequa did one of the most distintict acting.

    The Governor. I agree he's worse than Negan. I know it's a soften version for the show. But hes still a very disturbing character. I rewached season 4. He's always been manipulative, liar(go hand in hand). Some compared him to Rick, but just not. Philip killed people that he thought it threathed him(he being a hunger for power) those who were equally authoritharian and power as he, to his people. Example; the military, Martínez and other guy and lied to his people selling them lies. Not a coincidence he call himself Governor. He's unstable and paranoid. The worst about the lies is that the people he killed were his people. Adding, that in the facade of a very  good looking, correct, promising and laborious man(Philip) he hid more aspects. I think they tried to humanizated him but I always thought was pure evil. Because even when he had a  "new family"(Lily, Tara) he was at his worst moment. Theres one scene when he teaches Megan how to play chess. He moves his pawns(his people) as he wants. The king(the Governor). I dont remember exactly the lines but it represented him at the best! "Brian" is the decadence at his worst. People said that he was doing the same as Rick, surviving. But theres a line. The procesing is very different. I wouldnt like him to be my leader. He always calculated his options to kill and scalate.

    Daryl. I used to be very fangirly over Norman Reedus. Daryl is not one of my favourites now. Sometimes I just can't stand him bc he's impulsive and the bad boy actitude is no longer sexy and cool but stupid. the character has it flaws. It feels way too much on his actitude all the time, like, I get he's Daryl but it would've great if he had more develope having other kind of feelings for someone, than the feelings of "just friends". It has a slow develope. This could give him much develope and characteristic. Sounds cheessy and the first thing I thought "Daryl falling in love?" But, i cant stand this steriotyped character, its the way how theycreated him for the show that its the prob. Never had hard feelings for someone(love,romance) that at this point seems so out of his charater. Its the same from season 1, difference he's not the dickhead from s1. There are much deeper characters and better worked.

    Carol. Okay, I never had much symphaty for her like I did in Season six! The develope from season 6 and 7 humanized her character even more! I cant see why some are so upset over her character, now. Personally, I think its one of the best twist made to Carol. Because is shown that Carol is not a killer machine... She never was. She suffers. She has registered all the ones she killed... She always did. It's the internal Carol. She didn't lost her conscience on people she killed even when they were the enemies. Shes been dealing with the hunting of the ones she loved and killed, all her life. She did not turn page bout Lizzie, or Karen and rest, like nothing else. She was always aware and felt remorse secretly, it shows how it affects her and then the reason she separated from Alexandria. Makes the character more humanized. S6 made me love her.

    Beth. I gave a try to this character and I never liked it. Idk if its the actress and the writing for the character, at the same time. I liked her hope and positivism but never could symphaty. I couldn't care less about her and her death didnt shock me. I lost the interest in S5 bc of her and the hospital story. The actress's acting is so fastidious at some scenes. She doesnt reflects her feelings very well. Is not from comics and has it flaws as character, they messed up pretty much the character because it had some good things as a potential one. I even like Amy much more even in her short screen time. Im not sure if its an UO bc I see its a very likeable character from the show and very hated too.

    Father Gabriel. I never cared about him even when he changed.

    Abraham. I felt horrible and cried over Abraham and for Glenn not even a tear, lol. I knew it was coming for Glenn so didn't suprised me and I get it it was time for Glenn to pass better life. But not my Abe and the same time, I smelled it was going to be a second death and he would probably die but still cried and surprised me and shoked me he was so likeable and badass and I love his backstory. His death in comics was a joke.

    Lori. I never really hated the character that much. She wasnt one of my favourites neither but I did not hate her. Overhated.

    Morgan. I love this character. I prefer the show version. His whole transformation. He's equally important as is Rick. He represented everything Rick would've be if he lost his whole family(Carl and Judith, Lori) Morgan lost a wife and a son. The two most important things as the father he was. Refreshing and complex character. I enjoy watching his backstory's episodes because it has so much psychologic about Morgan. He was the first to bring Rick up to date and gave him shelter.

    Rick. Has hes ups and downs as a protagonist. Hes not a perfect leader hes not always hopeful but at the same he's not totally evil and that's why I love Rick!. Its character with human flaws. He's always been my fav male character. He's delivered to be not perfect all the time, he lost his mind and hope in his darkest times. But he always come back from this. What Rick has as a very positive and important characteristic to be a capable leader is that he has the virtue to listen. He listens and takes the advices from people like Dale, Hershel, Glenn or Morgan. People that make him see the hope and works as his conscience. Season 3, Hershel represented this to Rick. When he was at his worst, mentally(Lori's death). Hershel speaked to him and it bore fruit(simbolically, Rick dedicated his time gardening) and he heal from the lose. He had the virtue to listen to the people with conscience and hope on the group. When Hershel died, the hopes on Rick died. Rick is great in his own flaws. Doesn't mean he needs to be all the time him having the moral/logical/right answers. S5,6 was his downfall to his humanity crisis. Negan thaught him a lesson(in his twisted way). Rick was and is the leader of a community that look up to follow him so this entails the heaviest of all burdens than any of his people could have. Andrew Lincoln is one amazing actor and a very handsome man :blush:

    Richonne. At first I liked this couple way too much but now is meh.They make a good balance looking after one and other. A decent couple on my eyes, thats all, in some scenes Danai's acting felt too forced. This tv couple does not get the actual sexual attraction/chemistry from both sides. It fit better with Jessie and Rick. I would've of loved to see Rick with Andrea in the show! The prob is they never really had the chemistry in first place. Andrea liked troubled men Lol.

    Spanish is my native language sorry if my English gets confused(and boring) at some parts.
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    @_Katherine_ i agree with basically all of what you're saying! i think richonne was forced in the first place. i mean, i really do love them as a couple and they are cute, for they lived through hell together, but they never really flirted in the past seasons, and when they hooked up, it didn't carry me the way it did for the rest of the fandom. also, because the writers couldn't really explore them as a relationship until episode 12 of season 7, it felt "cringey" when they flirted in the walker-infested-carnival. i thought glaggie was a perfect couple and unforced.
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    Confession: I was a little annoyed with parts of Season 6 and really annoyed with many parts of Season 7, to the point it detracted from my enjoyment.
    Among them:

    Carol's decision to leave the group because she didn't want to kill anymore. It makes sense on paper, but I don't think they did a good job showing her transition.

    Everyone in the group telling Daryl it's not his fault Glenn died. It is absolutely his fault. He was told if he had any more outbursts that Negan would bring more pain on them. And he went and had an outburst anyway. (Yeah, I know, Negan is ultimately responsible. But if someone tells you a specific action will get more people killed, and then you do that specific action, you have culpability.)

    Rick's blind trust in the Garbage Pail Kids that predictably bites him in the ass.

    I could make a longer list, but those are the ones that deeply bothered me that I think could have been easily corrected by some simple script changes or scene additions.
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