Assault rifle - which is the best?


I bought several assault rifles for trade goods and supplies but I couldn't get one which wide spread.
What's your opinion which of the three is the best?



  • TJSTJS Member
    IMO. The last one with interrupt, bullet piecing and wide spred
  • Thx for your opinions. I bought 7 rifles or even more, can't remember. None had wide spread. I got one lvl 24 legendary with gold wide spread and silence. The spread is great but no one needs silence.
  • PigPig Member
    Yeah this is the big difficulty. A weapon or armour needs to get through several gates to be worth upgrading. It needs to be a high enough level, a good enough rarity, have the right traits, and be for a class you need. Very few pieces of gear can get through all gates. I'm using under-leveled stuff, and even rare stuff, because I simply cannot find anything that gets through ALL the gates.

    If you're totally stuck and need another assault rifle, then you've got to upgrade something without spread. It's a compromise, but it might be necessary. Similarly, I have two level 21 assaults running around with level 23 rifles instead of 24, and one with a 24 rare. Why? I haven't found 21 legendaries (or even epics) with both piercing and wide spread which I could upgrade to 24.
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  • Then I just keep buying assault rifles and hope for the best. What else should I do with trade goods or supplies?
  • TJSTJS Member
    > @Pig said:
    > IMO. The last one with interrupt, bullet piecing and wide spred
    > That's not wide spread, which is why none of these is ideal. I wouldn't put more xp into any of these. The one already upgraded is probably best of a bad bunch here. I would save xp for one that has both piercing and wide spread.

    Your right. Maybe I need my eyes checked. Ooops
  • @TJS
    I think that's the perfect assault rifle.
  • Lmao my dude, the first gun is not from this game, go rush b with that p90! Idi nahui
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