Scrap all button

Can we please add a scrap all button to the rewards page after each level? That'll be a time saver fot a lot of people scrapping multiple things per screen.



  • I would like to have a trash can like we have in the equipment section. There might be an item I want to keep and still want to scrap the rest.

    Would make it much easier.
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  • TimberTimber Member
    edited August 2017
    I suggest to add on-off button to settings menu to always scrap 1-3* grey, brown and green equipments found from crates... (haven't used any after my troops were level 5 :wink:)
  • CoonCoon Member
    edited August 2017
    Edit. Yes the reward screen would be nicw to have a scrap button. Lol
  • Agree! Worst thing about farming gear missions.

    Individual scraping of the endless gray, brown, green junk.
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  • Scrap it when you get it. I didn't realize you could do that for a while. Used to go in and clean out the equipment from low level stuff every so often. And it was a pain. But if you junk it right away, problem solved.

    I think it would be useful to set an auto-scrap toggle - anything green or below, I scrap it without ever looking at traits. All my toons have legendary gear, with a handful of exceptions (for Rufus and other heroes who are perma-parked) but even those guys get good hand-me-down stuff occasionally.

    Anyway, I agree with the idea here - and I guess a modified suggestion to yours.
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