Requesting Deluxe Challenge crates are calculated on survivor level

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Currently Deluxe Challenge Crates are calculated based on camp level, which penalises a lot of upcoming players for tweaking their game strategy.

From personal experience this results in these rewards being of no realistic purpose when gear is "rewarded" as its 2 or 3 levels below my survivors.

Conversation on this started on the 2.7 update thread when I asked if it will be a change made in the update.

@Teeceezy @Shteevie - will there be a change for calculating equipment level for Deluxe Challenge crate reward and 7.5k Leg Gear Crates

When the maximum reward for gear is 2 (or 3) levels below your survivors it doesn't reflect the effort to reach that stage. I believe the decision to set that to camp level instead of survivor level is erroneous, and hope you can pass this on for consideration of being sorted out in te next update.

I included Leg gear crates in this because they are also erroneously set to camp level, although, a player can choose to avoid them.

Hopefully, this can be considered for a future update as it's to late to be included in 2.7.

Please read through the responses but keep furtherfurther discussion here rather than the other thread as with that question being answered its no longer relevant to 2.7 ;)

@zbot - I'll edit this post so it reads better if necessary but hopefully the discussion from other thread will be migrated here to show the full context ;)


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    Shteevie said:

    @I_Am_Psycho In cases like this, we usually discover that the player has been neglecting the buildings in their camp that aren't the council, Training Grounds, or Workshop. The best way to get the levels of that gear up is to upgrading those farms and storage buildings.

    You'll hit something of a 'bottleneck' around camp level 58, where you will have to build just about everything in order to move on and reach camp level 60. With that in mind, upgrading those lower-level, cheaper buildings can make the time you spend at that late-game bottleneck shorter.

    mik81 said:

    I complete agree with @I_Am_Psycho we live in a Zombie Apocalypse and we try to manage our supplies efficiently. Please do not penalize us for playing the game differently.


    Bill_ZRT said:

    If XP tents, farms, walker pit, radio tower, etc... provided a more compelling benefit to a player, then they would be upgraded without having to provide the extra 'motivation' of tying certain rewards to a player's camp level.

    Shteevie said:

    We do not have any plans to change the levels of the gear found in non-mission crates to reference any level other than the camp level. Gear that comes from mission crates is based on the difficulty of the mission you have just completed. If you are looking to gear up characters that are far ahead of the appropriate camp level, you can focus on equipment scavenges instead of relying on the Challenge crates.

    We enjoy giving players some flexibility surrounding the order that they level their camps in, but we do also want to encourage players to build everything. In particular, the farms and tents make a huge impact when kept up to date. Taken to the extreme, if players were able to get all the benefits of the top levels without getting there, why would players ever bother to build the rest of their camp?

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    The post above is intended purely informative as a way to migrate discussion to this new thread as advised by @zbot last night

    @Shteevie - I know you guys are working hard on forthcoming 2.7 and currently there are no plans, but that won't mean it cant be discussed by the Dev Teams and considered for a future update though, This primarily relates to Deluxe Challenge Crates which are directly related to in game progress.

    To reiterate - this doesn't concern farming for gear, rather it is about fairness of rewards found in Deluxe Challenge Crates when gear is rewarded

    A Deluxe Challenge Crate is something a player should feel rewarded for getting to.

    Hopefully this suggestion thread presents this better ;)
  • CoonCoon Member
    I agree. If the argument is that the dev team knows that the equipment in the deluxe boxes is far below level of your team which is what....

    @Shteevie said:

    We do not have any plans to change the levels of the gear found in non-mission crates to reference any level other than the camp level. Gear that comes from mission crates is based on the difficulty of the mission you have just completed. If you are looking to gear up characters that are far ahead of the appropriate camp level, you can focus on equipment scavenges instead of relying on the Challenge crates.

    .....Then could there be a way to choose to simply get XP boxes and eliminate the chance of finding gear all together? Like an option that could be taken before beginning each challenge mission
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    @Coon - It would be easier to impliment and test a change to the variable in the existing algorithm, than put in a completely new functionality.

    Besides, @Shteevie stated they have no plans, which can be understood to mean for now, whilst they focus on 2.7. But it doesnt mean it cant be considered in the future.

    That said, by that time I'll probably be in the end game complaining of maxed supplies. But If someone posts this same issue at that stage, I'll be in agreement with them everytine.

    My biggest mistake in this was to include TG goods and that left room for misunderstandings of my question, so both @Shteevie and @zbot primarily targeted that in their responses.
  • Glenn is unhappy ...

  • zbotzbot Legendary Moderator
    @I_Am_Psycho I mentioned gold, epic and leg crates because the deluxe challenge crates work in the same fashion, based on your player level.

    Farming is a lot easier now with scavenge mission, gas boosters, and events compared to the when I started the game back in Nov 2015.

    Repeating from the other thread:

    @I_Am_Psycho that's the price for having higher level survivors. I've gone through similar growing pains but it's easier now with 12.5K TG crates.

    FYI: Back in the days, there was no 12.5K TG crates so if are on the Council, Training Hall, and workshop path (which I was on), until you maxed out, there will always be that issue. The easiest solution was farm, farm, and farm until everything was upgraded (this is what I did). I actually used 300-400K of TG during double supplies event to help with the farming.

    If you want gear= your survivor level then 12.5K TG crate is for you, the gold, epic, and leg crates wouldn't be for you. That's the flexibility I see that was added by NG.

    As someone that experienced it, I understand the reason and agree with it due to the other changes to the game that were made.


  • @zbot - I know they currently work in same fashion, which is why I regret mentioning other Crates set by camp level in the original question.

    The issue here, is that this is not the same context, as it directly concerns game progress.

    Say someone is at 799 stars. Getting that extra star is by no means similar to how other crates that are set by camp levep are obtained. They'd have worked to get there.

    Incidentally I stopped at 793 for this exact reason - I just couldn't be bothered and had 2 rounds minimum left in me.

    Anyway - I've made the point now - just because its that way now, doesnt mean that it should be or that it can't be changed. There won't be more screenshots, just one to highlight the link to actual game play
  • zbotzbot Legendary Moderator
    @I_Am_Psycho I hate to say it but chasing stars and farming don't go together. I've actually taken a break from stars for a while to farm before I maxed out. My alt account I have for testing and stuff my survivors are level 5 because I don't need to farm (supplies or xp) for my alt. I can earn 200-300 stars easy. So I actually have the reverse of your issue, all my deluxe crate gear are to high level for my survivors but I have 12.5K TG crates that solve my issue.
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    @zbot - Too high level gear isnt a problem - that's in the bank for when you get there ;)

    A certain amount of farming is possible in Challenges. And rewards go up as level increases. I don't chase stars as such, they are a consequence of too much time playing, and there really isn't actually a challenge until +4 RSL, and I am aware its different from next week :D

    I farm mostly for XP anyway, to fund weapon/armour upgrades. I find my supplies build up quick enough with Crate rewards in Challenges, and from what I get from raids when farming TG (which is when I use Glenn mostly - between Challenges).

    We probably define farming differently ;)

    That said, I rather burnt myself out a bit with excessive farming recently, so am just completing missions straight out for now. Life comes first :)

    To me this is no less an issue than the maxed out supplies issue (which I dont suffer from ... yet).
  • zbotzbot Legendary Moderator
    @I_Am_Psycho , I'm never getting there, it's my alt and for what I need to do with it level 5 is fine. I don't want to farm for supplies but I do upgrade building if I have enough supplies. I don't have a need for xp since all my survivors are level 5. My level 5 gears take very little xp to upgrade.

    My definition of farming is optimizing gas to supplies, so yes I've run many farming missions during either free booster or gas events. If you have a good device you can do it in less than 30 seconds (also open chests but don't scrap if you get gear and let auto scrap take care of it). My definition of farming is getting max supplies ASAP.

    As previous mentioned I focus on survivors because gears come and go but a survivor is forever.

    The game allows me to meet the needs of my main account (max player), and alt account by having the flexibility between what's offered for deluxe, gold, epic, and leg crates and 12.5K TG crates.
  • @zbot - and we have new things to farm from next week

    I just focus on what needs working on at a given time, but yeah, on free booster days, if my head can take it, I'll engineer things so I get more spare time that day to maximise gains, without neglecting Challenge).

    NG enjoy giving flexibilty in playing styles. I could farm supplies to the extent I forget about the rest of the game. Thats just not an option though; from the monent I read threads about maxed supplies.

    So I make my survivors as formidable as possible, which is more what the game is about anyway ;)
  • zbotzbot Legendary Moderator
    Having maxed out supplies to me is a good thing. I don't have to farm. I'll farm enough when there's a council increase. Just because I farm doesn't mean I enjoy it, I farm to prepare.
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