Run Away Challenge - Overview, Strategy and Tips (OLT's guide)

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  • Whoever that Nicolas is who did the Opposing Forces video, I'm grateful. It helped me clear 27.3. I used epic Glenn and two 1-pink scouts, but the basic strategy worked.

    I sliced up the scout according to plan, although he brought one of my scouts to bleeding. Unfortunately, the warrior didn't come up to me. I went and hid at the bottom of the map anyway. I had to wait an extra spawn until the warrior joined the bruiser to fight walkers.

    Then Glenn dashed for the switch, I planted a healthy scout in the doorway, and tucked the wounded scout hopefully out of harm's way. Enemy bruiser hit and injured Glenn, but stun resistance saved me. Then I got very lucky and all three ran past walkers to the exit without getting intercepted.

    I really enjoyed this challenge. There was a fair bit of variety in the teams I used. Sasha and two assaults; Abraham and two hunters; Dwight and two shooters; various melee teams, with or without Jesus. It kept me interested.
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