Any movie critics in here??

Hitmans bodygaurd, yay or nay?


  • It looks funny and I'm picky when it comes to comedy but I'll probably never watch it.
  • You would like 'how to be a Latin lover' then. Hilarious!
  • antant Member
    Best 2 movies I've seen lately are 'The Accountant' and 'Fences'!
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  • I rarely see "yay" movies... The most of time it's a waste of time. Books are still the best option.
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  • @ant the account!! Oh yeah!

    We like the hitmans bodyguard. It was funny. And with Ryan Reynolds, it's almost like the director wanted to copy the humor from dead pool half way through. But I liked dead pool so it did bother me.

    Best book >movie
    World war z

    Worst book> movie
    Fifty shades

  • @ant
    Sicario ?? Omg! You would like it!!
  • SerpSerp Member
    > @ShanesShack said:
    > @ant
    > Sicario ?? Omg! You would like it!!

    Loved that movie!
  • I haven't seen it come to hbo yet.
  • I watched it earlier today didn't think it was any good and wasn't particularly funny the best bits are in the trailer
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  • @Captainslayer did you try watching it after a few beers? You may like it more ;)
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