Helicopter & Pilot Walkers

Since the Tank was added how about a Helicopter and new Pilot Walkers?


  • And what do you suggest that they would do? Reskins of Bulletproof Walkers would be nice, though those aren't bulletproof helmets, are they now (Also what about body armor)?
  • Will they be able to fly?
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  • Why not, Freeman in a helicopter you have to spend three turns calling in air suppor, or repair surface-to-air missile launcher. While you cover that Survivor cuz the helicopters bringing in a tons of walkers and Boomers. This is a great idea because it adds the use of explosives, the more we get to use explosives the better the programming and coding.... which of the long-term will hopefully lead to a survivor with an RPG.
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    This thread has puzzled me for some time but now I think I've finally got it.

    You're getting bombarded with Mobile Strike adds when watching videos for extra crates.
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    Yeah I reckon there should be choose-your-own-adventure style storylines with love triangles among your survivors.
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