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    No limit to how many badges you have.
    It may seem confusing but give it time and perhaps search for info in the forum. You should be able to find many answers to your questions.
  • TJS said:


    No limit to how many badges you have.

    It may seem confusing but give it time and perhaps search for info in the forum. You should be able to find many answers to your questions.


    According to the original Badges announcement:
    - The number of badges you can have is equal to six times the number of survivor slots that you have plus and additional 100. This is including the Badges equipped to your Survivors. If you reach this limit, You will need to select and scrap some Badges from your inventory before you can make any more Badges.
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    Thanks @Mabiki
    I wasn't aware of this. Not that I'll need to worry for a month or three :smiley:
  • Your badge limit is shown right on the badge screen

  • Question on Badges and Outpost Defenders

    It would be great to know why it is that each time I log into the game the stats for my outpost defenders (who are fully badged) are not updated.

    Some should have up to 500 more health and/or damage.

    Do badges not apply to outpost defenders? Any help would be welcome. Thank you!
  • zbotzbot Legendary Moderator
    @ZackClan could you provide a screenshots of the badges?

    Badges work in outpost except for the teammate (Hero/Survivor) bonuses, those only work for missions.

  • Hey zbot,

    So here are 3 pics of Daryl.

    If you compare the first and second picture you can see that his damage is different... 3263 vs 3889. I just noticed while playing the distance that the glitch is the same as the one I saw for the outpost. Unless I refresh the character by taking out and putting bag on him/her, his damage and defense are not updated.

    At least now I know since you told me that badges do apply to outpost. I don't understand why there is this glitch in my game specifically.

    Let me know if you have any suggestion or advice, much appreciated.
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    I've also noticed this. I moved the survivor into a position for a scavenge mission then back out and the numbers returned to how they should be.
    Not sure if it's just a visual glitch or what.
    I only noticed it once so I'll have to keep an eye on stats and take screen shots
  • Thank you for letting me know TJS. I know this is a pretty stupid question but.. how do you reply to someone using @(name here)?
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    Simply write @ZackClan
    Just put "@" before the name
  • TJS said:


    No limit to how many badges you have.

    It may seem confusing but give it time and perhaps search for info in the forum. You should be able to find many answers to your questions.


    I couldn't help my amusement at the irony of this
  • I like the badge system and I know people have remarked that the components don't come in often enough, but at least The Distance gives you some guaranteed drops for those. My one complaint at the moment would be that badge fragments are too rare. For example I've got a ton of common and uncommon components... but so far I've had hardly any badge fragments. As of right now I've got an epic badge fragment and a legendary badge fragment and that's it. I spent my common fragment already and my badge count is only 7 so far (that was after I made some more during The Distance). A little more common spawns of the badge fragments would go a long way.
  • I'm experiencing the same issue as ZackClan and TJS! I equipped Rosita with a +515 health badge, and she is stationed at my outpost. After logging out, the next time I logged back in to play, I noticed that her health was back to what it was before the badge.
    If I take her out then put her back in she gets her health back. In all other missions including scavenging the badge works. So I was also wondering if it is a visual glitch, or if certain badges are not honored at the outpost?
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    @Dresden45 , @ZackClan , @TJS please take a look at this thread.
  • I hate the part where if I'm mixing all epic parts I can get minimum rare badge instead of minimum blue. Okay, add a small chance of legendary, but keep the "rare" results for the rare green parts! Just what the actual hell?
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  • What happens if you retire a survivor that is badged ? Are the badges retired ? Do you have to pay gold to retire the survivor and remove the badges ?
  • @CrashOut the badges go back to your craftsmen building at no charge.
  • For 20 components barely I receive 1 badge fragments.
  • I agree, most of the badges crafted are on the lower end of the possible range. And I've only ever created badges with ALL the same rarity among the fragment and components.
  • Any Plans to add "comps" or "frags" into the TG-Shop ? @Fearofabotplanet
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  • I am still trying to understand the point of the badge groups, besides the 1 in 6 chance of matching shapes for a bonus. Gambling for a few traits on survivors/equipment is one thing.

    The badge trait seems to have no correlation to grouping. The component rarities have little correlation to resulting badges, except that most seem to hit the lower end of the scale. Materials have little correlation. It's too much! And we are supposed to see this as semi-permanent? Eventually everyone hits the jackpot if they play enough. And that bonus sure is tempting. It's a guarantee players will want to swap badges at some point.

    Shoot with a blindfold, but you only get one shot. But wait! You can try again, or trade up for the better prize...for more gold. Did I step into a carnival?
  • Loving the people who want the chance to get a better badge than they put in but not a worse badge! Maybe I've been lucky but I've had a range of lower same and better! Particularly love my rare badge from all uncommon stuff! And I'm basically ftp in case people wondering!
  • In crafting section, it says 'The components you use will affect the badges you create'.

    Anyone have any idea what components makes what badges? I just seem to make crit/dmg and dmg/reduction ones.

  • @weka if there is a formula no one has cracked the code yet. Seems to be completely random no matter which component combination you use.
  • Hey guys. Let's crunch some numbers.

    Add your crafted items in this spreadsheet, and we might get enough datapoints to learn something worthwhile.
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    I have experimented with 2 different 'mixes'.

    When I craft with primarily food/edibles components (3 or 4) I get a health-related badge.

    When I craft with primarily metal components (3 or 4) I get a damage-increase-related badge.

    I have done this 3 times each, and it has been consistent every time.
  • I would guess that each component carries a 20% to yeild a particular result. As @TransmuteJun said, edibles yeild health related bonuses, metals for damage, maybe cloth for damage reduction, and chemicals for critical chances (?) These are just guesses.

    So when you mix 4 edibles together, you get a stacked 80% chance at health bonus, but there's still that last 20% for a random outcome. This would meet the conditions listed by both the Craftsman building (components affect results) and the official release notes, which state "outcomes are random".

    The only other meaning i can derive is the obvious; selecting varying rarities of material affects the range of rarity for the new badge. Using more higher end components can eliminate the chance of common, uncommon, and even rare badges.
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