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  • TJSTJS Member
    > @Mabiki said:
    > This is why I am playing around with options before crafting but mostly not mixing low level pices with high.
    > You could get the same rarity badge in pic2 without burning an epic badge fragment.
    > And here, the max level remains same but the minimum changes based on badge fragment level.
    > I've already pulled a few rares from mixing 1 and 2 star pieces. Much more satisfying then dropping all epic and leg pieces for a rare.

    I'm surprised with the last example, if you put all epic it says epic to legendary.
  • Nope, you can get a rare badge from all epics. Happened to me too. Basically all but two of my eleven badges have been the lowest possible rarity when they came out. Super annoying.
  • TJSTJS Member
    The badge I posted a few posts back showed before I created, epic to legendary. Maybe it depends on what type of components you use. I don't know but it definitely said epic to legendary.
  • TJSTJS Member
    > @TJS said:
    > The badge I posted a few posts back showed before I created, epic to legendary. Maybe it depends on what type of components you use. I don't know but it definitely said epic to legendary.

    Maybe I just have a bad memory.
  • reposting the pinned badge thread in case anyone finds the data useful

    I've made 15 badges from components and fragments with a chance of common to rare, using only a mix of 1 and 2 star pieces.

    Of those 15 badges, 3 have been rare, 6 have been uncommon, and 6 have been common.

    So for my very small window of data, that's 20 percent for max level, 40 percent for minimum level and 40 percent for right in the middle.
  • I got a **** badge saying +666 health, and +166 if one of this survivor's mission teammates is Aaron.

    Does this mean we are getting Aaron soon? Should it be giving out bonuses to characters that don't exist yet?
  • @Scrambles
    Aaron is a new hero available in the Distance

    See the thread entitled "New Hero"
  • mconnormconnor Unconfirmed, Member
    So they seem all random. I see where all epics gave a worse badge than all rare. Should we be just trying to get the highest range and hope for the best?
  • 6 days and out of all the missions I ran over the weekend and last week I have only found 1 two star badge fragment.

    144 hours and I have been able to make 1 badge (other than the 2 that everyone was given for free).

    I caved in and spent 500 gold and received 4 badge fragments of various rarities along with other components.

    the RNG on my account is out of wack I think because how can so many people get so many badge fragments from drops and such and I can't seem to find more than 1 in an entire 6 day span??
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  • maylifebemaylifebe Member
    edited September 11
    Just did this now.

  • If you get a blue out of all yellow, then the blue should at least have a tighter range in stats in the upper range of what's possible. You could get a very low stat blue out of all yellow items as of now. Well, I guess getting badges is no pressing matter with this sort of randomness in place.
  • so is there any difference in what trait we will get if we use, lets say all metals, or all chemicals or all different materials ?
    if this is all random,and you get random traits, no matter what materials you use, then i am totally dissapointed in all this...
  • @Karajoca Totally random, no set recipes for X stat.
  • TJSTJS Member
    Ive created two health bonus badges using 2 metal and 2 edibles.
    Maybe just a coincidence but might be something.
  • All food = damage

  • Ok, I just went back to the first page and saw that @OneLessTitan also crafted a badge using 4 edibles and got a crit chance badge, whereas my result above was a damage bonus. This says to me that there isn't any preset formulas in place and it's all random.
  • Thanks for reply people.
    well then i will just say...this whole badge system is total DISAPPOINTMENT . Making 4 types of elements and they all dont mean anything...then, finding 5 legendary components( for what need hundreds, maybe thousands of missions) and still a big chance outcome will be only EPIC badge, WITH RANDOM TRAITS. All this is big s**t !!!
    I looked forward to this update to motivate me to play, but it only brought chances for NG to earn more money from big spenders. another stupid system for what you pay and dont even know what you will get in return.
    I lost all my patience, this is getting nowhere. I am going to quit and never look back, and try to forget so much time spent on grinding my account. Whole system is bad, and this game have no future. I dont even know why people are playing this, when everything is out of control...

    best wishes to everyone
  • n4c0nn4c0n Member
    edited September 13
    Could the correlation between components used and badge output be shape of the badge, instead of bonus? The two people who posted badges made from all edibles ended up with the X-shaped badge. Not sure if it's a coincidence or not; pretty small sample size. Knowing what badge shape will come out might be better to know than bonus, since 4 of the same shape boost the bonus.

    Edit: Looking again, two that used all chemicals got the 8-pointed star badges.

    Edit: This theory doesn't seem to hold up. Went back and looked at Pain Walker's video; he crafts badges using the same components and the badge shape doesn't seem to follow a pattern.
  • maylifebemaylifebe Member
    edited September 14
    Out of 5 tries using all 4 stars = 4x3 stars, 1x5 stars badges.

  • common fragment + one of each common component = common +150 crit damage, +38 if with Aaron

    common fragment + 4 common metal = uncommon +180 crit damage, +45 if with a Bruiser

    Sorry, didn't do screen shots, will do from now on
  • Don't worry about posting any more badges for the purposes of data collection; too much to look into and it's extremely doubtful the ingredients used make any significant or detectable difference. I'll update the image with the Badge values that have been reported in the top post.
  • maylifebemaylifebe Member
    edited September 15
    Oh look, more green badges out of all blue components.
    Out of 6 tries using all 4 stars = 5x3 stars, 1x5 stars badges.

  • I posted this in the official badges discussion, but it may be relevant here as well;

    "I would guess that each component carries a 20% to yeild a particular result. As @TransmuteJun said, edibles yeild health related bonuses, metals for damage, maybe cloth for damage reduction, and chemicals for critical chances (?) These are just guesses.

    So when you mix 4 edibles together, you get a stacked 80% chance at health bonus, but there's still that last 20% for a random outcome. (This is why players cannot duplicate all results.) This would also meet the conditions listed by both the Craftsman building (components affect results) and the official release notes, which state "outcomes are random". Both would be true."

    @maylifebe since your last two screen shots showed mostly edibles yeilding a health boost badge, and all cloth yeilding a damage reduction badge, my theory may not be far off.
  • @Phalanx44 Your theory hold for this craft as well.

  • Yep. I think Phalanx44 has put all of the pieces together!
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