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  • Thanks for sharing all of your advice! I will compile people's thoughts and edit/add to my post as the day continues. Make sure you don't miss @OneLessTitan's post here:
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    Monsuta said:

    > @Invader said:

    > Nope. I had non stunnable armored walkers too in the last challenge.

    Pics or it didn't happen. >:)

    I had some armored who didn't stun as well. Not a pleasant surprise.

    Can anyone confirm if restarting The Distance lets you get the rewards again?
  • Yes, you get them again
    Check out this video by Shteevie

  • make sure you check out OneLessTitans guide

    And his videos here
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    After watching map nine video, I think it will be pee pee pants time for me as I go attempt it :)

  • Updated my original post with more tips. Keep em coming guys!
  • EL34xyz said:

    After watching map nine video, I think it will be pee pee pants time for me as I go attempt it :)

    Don´t think so :wink:

  • I need help on Arterial! I just survived the Pit. What's next? I need my Aaron tokens!
  • So these missions are preset? I have level 20 survivors and I was taking on level 25 armored in the pit...
  • Wrestling.
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  • Don't forget! If you switch equipment that survivors in your outpost are currently using. They won't be wearing it anymore in your actual outpost!

    My guys where sitting ducks.
  • Tare is garabage. If she could only heal your fighters after a struggle then she would be invaluable for the Distance. Tara died early on.
  • InvaderInvader Member
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    avelardez said:

    Tara died early on.

    Tara died as my last shooter...but I agree, she wasn´t very useful.
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