Roundpass not working?



  • Amiga said:

    I've skipped 5 rounds.. Now I'm at RSL21 with 0 round pass.. Normally I should received after 5 rounds. Now 6 are behind me without any round pass...

    Exactly here too - with the damage reduze (no one shoting of amored anymore) it will be tricky to get 800 stars or more
  • Monsuta said:

    @Invader Why you ask the staff that when you can benefit more star from it? If that happened to me I would keep quiet about it. ;)

    Is this reply regarding the quadruple rounds from level 20?

    Maybe I´m too stupid, but it looks like more work for me which I need even more gas...
  • @madrob11 Keep replaying without advancing, you save a lot of gas with the round you skipped. Now use those gas by earning more rewards than before.
  • madrob11 said:

    We earn twice as many stars, and what? and the hole lost loot staff?
    And no option to change it, just to hit lvl 26 or 27 faster

    You'd still need to use gas though, and the crates give mostly VERY LOW rewards at low levels (Gold and radios here and there).

    With the doubled rewards and the option to use gas on better paying missions, I would say there is a net increase in loot, for time and gas used
  • @Amiga you still have to play another 5 rounds after skipping 5 rounds, before the next round pass is granted and this new round pass will be doubled
  • With final judge I will wait when I hit RSL 26 ;)o
  • So we get double stars, but lose the crates for the rounds we pass? Since they are taking away more chances to scavenge badge fragments, shouldn't the rewards include them now? It's like 1 step forward 2 steps back every time there is an update.
  • MonsutaMonsuta Member
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    @Invader You already save a lot of gas by skipping rsl 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, which you saved 4*6*5= 120 gas.
    Now the extra rsl 20 only cost you 24 gas

    See the difference?
  • Monsuta said:

    @madrob11 Keep replaying without advancing, you save a lot of gas with the round you skipped. Now use those gas by earning more rewards than before.

    Thats a nice idea Monsuta, but honestly i take a 24h Gas every challenge since they came out - so overall i get less and less and less
  • @FeloniousSpunk Don't forget the gas you saved by skipping those rounds. Use them to earn more.
  • TJSTJS Member
    Something is really wierd here. I have four rounds per lvl too but didn't notice till I finished 1 round. It filled half way as if I've done two out of 4. With 6 round passes I'm now at round 8 with no free passes.
  • @madrob11 @FeloniousSpunk

    there have been a lot of discussions about the round passes earlier, you might want to check this thread for the pros and cons and some maths by @DLich :
  • Monsuta said:

    @FeloniousSpunk Don't forget the gas you saved by skipping those rounds. Use them to earn more.

    A lot of the gas I get to continue is in the crates that I now can't open. Normally I can go through 2 and a half full rounds straight away just on earned gas, right now I tapped out after 1 round and 2 stages and have to wait to generate more. They should just give you crates to open for the rounds you skipped at the start. That's my opinion, others might not share it and that's fine.
  • TJSTJS Member
    So this is correct after completing one round? (including 6 round passes)
  • @FeloniousSpunk Use those saved gas to replay your current starting level without advancing, the reward is higher than you did in last week.
  • TJSTJS Member
    I'm not worried about loosing end mission crates. I'm only confused as it looks like four rounds per lvl
  • @Teeceezy

    I have skipped 6 rounds and finished one round. I have to play round 20 four times? Played rounds 7? Probably the 6 skipped rouns plus a played round. Where is my round pass for 5 rounds?

  • MonsutaMonsuta Member
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    @Loewe1968 You'll get 2 round pass for next week by complete 5 rounds, this happen in the first 6 rounds which is the round number you skipped this week.

    Edit for better word
  • Whenever anyone asks a question regarding round passes, starting RSL, rewards, etc I'm just going to post this link going forward
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  • rustynailrustynail Member
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  • Thanks for your reply @Monsuta

    I know the link and the text @DLich . My English is unfortunately not very good and I use therefore a translator. The translated text is not always 100% understandable for me. So I sometimes ask for some things. ;)
  • dlbdlb Member
    David_H79 said:

    Looks correct for me

    If it looks correct, why is he on round 7 with zero round passes?
  • MabikiMabiki Member
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    Because he has only played 2 rounds if he skipped the first 5. You have to get to 10 and then you get double round pass once you have actually played 5 rounds.

  • I have quadruple rounds at 7 on my baby account...

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  • So ppl in my guild who earned 7 passes are playing quadruple rounds and works like rsl 30 spawn armored and tanks, this is a bug @Shteevie @Fearofabotplanet am I correct?
    Or is intended, also with the round passes my first tokens reward crate desappeared.
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