TWD 100th episode premiere

I just found out I won one of the invitations to see the season premiere and taping of Talking Dead with the cast at the Greek Theater in LA on October 22! Anybody else going?


  • @tpips42 Awesome! My husband won as well, so we are going too!
  • > @TransmuteJun said:
    > @tpips42 Awesome! My husband won as well, so we are going too!

    Yay! See ya there! Lol
  • There might be others there. I think the invitations are trickling out, because they send some each day.
  • lucky u two! please let us know any encounters u have with cast! i am jealous! :D

    on side note:
    @TransmuteJun if your husband needs a date to attend the premiere, i am available. I have already cleared my calendar

    @tpips42 if transmutejun falls thru, i'll let u know. can u pick me up from airport?
    My peanut butter chocolate cake with Kool-Aid
  • @Carly I'll let him know, but I'm my husband's date! ;)

    If you want to go, keep entering. I have another friend who just won today. This seems to be a much easier ticket to get than last year's event at the cemetery.
  • @Carly If my gf pisses me off, you're next on my list! Lol
  • Only one more week where they are handing out tickets... Anyone else get lucky?
  • How did you enter to win. You are so lucky.
  • You have to join the Walking Dead rewards club (free) and then redeem an entry (for 0 points) every day. You have to do it every day since they have a drawing every day.

    You can still enter here.
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