This Weekends Jackpot Event



  • I got jackpots every second turn. But the irony was that there were no silver or golden crates
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  • KitsuneKitsune Member
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    Lots of silver but my first gold this event.

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  • Finally broken my no gold jackpot duck....though whether it was worth it lol!
  • Been playing all types of missions all weekend and not 1 single gold or even silver jokepot, maybe it only works at certain player levels or only certain regions or only if you spend real money, would love to know the reason.
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  • 6 silver, 0 gold.
  • 0 golds
  • Nick37 said:

    only if you spend real money

    have to decline this, f2p here, got 2 golden pots and a couple silver pots
    nevertheless sorry to hear about your bad luck
  • Seems to me they’ve quietly improved the hits of gold jackpot and the drop rates of quality items within it. Every single gold jackpot I hit I walked away feeling like I actually won something. This was a welcome change.

  • I got three gold jackpots, that's a record, and all three were decent.

    One was amazing, pictured here.

    I got 20 - 30 silver jackpots.

    Regarding components, tho they are really rare, Jackpot event it's more attractive than in the past.
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  • JadenJaden Member
    I've only started getting the jackpots when I started "hardcore farming". Of course, if you do more missions you are more likely to see jackpots.

    But the quality has for the most part been sub-par and it is not an appealing event for f2p. I just happened to be on the free booster...
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  • @R2runfast Pretty good stuff, outside all that useless weaponry.
  • Not sure if wow or mow ... :#

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  • Haven’t had any gold jackpots in the last 2 events but one today....
  • I can’t load pics, but I’ve gotten 2 gold jackpots in an hour of each other and used 25 gold on 1 of them to open them all. Got a leg katana.
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  • > @dandancar77 said:
    > green garbage for me :neutral:

    Damn. That’s shocking haha
  • painwalkerpainwalker Content Creator
    Got these 2 today

    Every change NG does is for the better. :)

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  • I never had any luck with this event ever :-(
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  • 312 missions: 11 silver
    0 golg
    This event is terrible
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