Burning Walkers Still Create Lag

FragzieFragzie Content Creator
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On my iOS not so bad now, but on my android still abysmal.



  • I'm on Android (an older device) and had huge problems before update. Now I have a very little amount of lag with maps like you mentioned but cause no problem with play. There was definitely some fix to this issue in last update.
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  • Yeah still laggy but not as bad as before
  • zeeblackzeeblack Member
    edited November 2017
    I use Android. Post 2.8, a few maps have lags but the situation has improved a lot. Perhaps a bit of tweaking would solve the problem once and for all
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  • These maps have less burning walkers so you cant say its improved because ng did something.
  • We had lots of burning walkers on last week's challenge - the lag issue seems to have improved since 2.8 but is still worse than it was before 2.7
  • Getting lag on my Samsung Galaxy 5 as well. If there are more than 2 burning walkers then it becomes really laggy so I have to switch to my tablet for some missions.
  • FragzieFragzie Content Creator
    I just decided to light a few walkers up on the archive. It was a laggy, flashy mess.

    iPad Pro, iOS 11.

    Any news on the problem
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