Hero Week: which is your *must call* hero?

MadPuppyMadPuppy Moderator
I'm totally torn which ones to do. I want to call all, but whatever the amount of radios, they're always limited. So, which hero is the absolute *must have* in this event?

Mine is Negan. Whatever the traits, or status of bruisers, I'm just that much of a fan.

Hero Week: which is your *must call* hero? 74 votes

SynapseRangerCzarnyJoSplatter 3 votes
CarloBerndErwinkiwinz7TeenahGeeskynet1987YuNiSLaShEr 6 votes
TransmuteJunatrainofficialGovernatoreuchidJenngKyrusCRUSHJayZJadenwrinkled_bagp_herianflyingcowkingwarbababooeybigbeanoevilightsDavid_H79ThanosOfTitanNezoRanger85 27 votes
MadPuppy 1 vote
zeeblackCherokee_RoseTheCrabdocfinzenburgrfg1982TanayaekimhclewhaukisakuMabikipaintbeastTJSCooptainkirkRoadRashgold2154shaunatthepubFirekidDBones_Lily_WellyLugaKuduk 22 votes
Bryan18jimmydawisedgraminhoBBRiAlexFiliUKNidintuBeliiviihjang65NemesisGamer1987ladre5 10 votes
tallinietheldssdlt777jbRealClareBBrassB 5 votes


  • Edd8Edd8 Member
  • None, unless add Sasha
  • Governor

    I voted for the Governor for his leader trait.
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  • Daryl
    If I had to really choose it was Daryl, only so he would be a pink star
    Otherwise none add any value to challenges.
    If I could choose I would rather have in the following order Abraham, Sasha & Jesus
    Or say have something called better chance of getting something called phones or badges
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  • Michonne
    I take hero tokens as they come, but I don't make calls aiming for any of them anymore. It's not worth it for me, and I don't save up my radios waiting for special events.

    But if I were to make a hero call, I would try to get Michonne.
  • Michonne
    525 radios need 115 michone tokens
  • None
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  • 19031903 Member
  • Michonne
    Getting her to legendary
  • Michonne
    MIchonne - I only need 24 to unlock her!
  • Governor
    I think I should go for guv as I use him a lot, but michone is one I have not got yet as well as Carl, although not sure I would use her
  • Governor
    I'd also be interested in Merle or Abraham.
  • zbotzbot Legendary Moderator
    Update: got Daryl to 6 star Elite.

    Bring it the rest of the Heroes!!!!!
  • Govanah. Want him epic status seeing i farm with him a lot while on gas boosts
  • Governor
    Governor! All day long.
  • Michonne

    Looks like the Gov and Michonne are having a battle here. Seems fitting lol and as it should be. I use both of them and I have not yet decided how I am going to use my radios. Perhaps some on each day...idk...or will I just focus on one?
  • Governor
    Governor hands down....I already have him as Legendary and I REALLY need him to have his Leader Trait to yield the results as seen in this video:
  • Governor
    > @Monsuta said:
    > @MudMoccasin Don't fall for the misleading video, you don't get these fully upgraded gears from crate.
    > Governor's leader trait don't automatically fully upgrade the equipment for you, it only raise the resources & have a chance to get higher level gears, it didn't raise the rarity & upgrade them.

    Thanks for the info!!! Should've known it was suspect since the crates opened were Silver and not Gold and yet still had Legendary equipment that popped up with a "Reward Improved" stamp. The only times I have ever had any Legendary equipment was from opening a Gold box which more often than not yields Epic equipment....
    And fully upgraded????!!!! Well the proverbial, "If it's too good to be true, it probably is" applies here. Would be really nice, though!!! NextGames should be ashamed for over exaggerating this trait!!!!!
  • Governor
    Well changed my mind from the Goveror to Maggie. I already have her as Legendary so if I were to have her Harvest Red as high as it could possibly go along equipping her with Legendary Armor that has Lucky, Stun Resistance, and Training Gear traits, I would have no problem having enough Experience Points to upgrade equipment/train heroes especially when playing Challenge Levels like Terminus' "Only Way Out" or After The Wildfire's "Approaching Horde" where you kill enough walkers that they only give you 1 experience point after a while of wiping out so many.....
  • @MudMoccasin Those were not even silver crates in the video, it's just normal bronze crate.
    Legendary gear only happened in gold crate.

    Governor could be useful if you're farming resources & quickly go to the exit, Glenn & Maggie are the better if you stay & fight to kill as many walkers you could.

    You can see @JayZ analysis Maggie vs Governor for farming:
    There is NO higher rarity when we use all legendary to craft the badge, we are being punished for having a chance to get LOWER rarity.
  • AngelaLanoueAngelaLanoue Member
    edited November 18
    Got some bad luck pulls this a.m. Got 32 tokens for:
    Only pulled a 64 token Gov 3 times. Out of 150 phones.
  • I was hoping that Merle'd be there but no, and pretty much all of the available options are useless and looks like a choice for a recreational activity.
    There's no Dwighty boy, no Abe, no Gabriel who makes a badass scout, no Merle who's (in epic and golden state) basically trumps Abe and Dwight as things becoming RSL+[n]
    The only thing is I'm thinking about trying Michonne, because it seems that she's great for a melee team and has a good traits for a warrior.
    Also I agree with @MudMoccasin about upping Maggie's Harvest Red to gain as much xp as possible on farming. Maybe upping Daryl is worth something too.

    Anyway, 15 radios for a certain chance to get not just hero tokens, but the doubled amount of it is better than having a chance to get all-green call for the same 15 radios, so
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  • This week event is just insulting. A slap in the face really. No sasha, dwight, abe, or gabriel. Which are the only hero's worth using.
  • Governor
    Looks like your the only lone player that wants a better Negan. LOL!
    I’m a fan of Negan too.....In the show. The game? Not so much.
    His early work when he played a superhero, “The Comedian” , was awesome.
    Fantastic actor!
  • Governor
    Rufus! Final answer. Before I retire I will acquire a pinky roofy. :)
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