Increasing Guild Size

I apologize in advance if this has already been suggested. Increasing the size of guilds would make No Man's Land even better because it will allow us to recruit more players from other games, which ultimately, will help make this game more popular. 20 members per guild is simply not enough. In another game I play, the max number of members per guild is 100. This number might seem excessive to some, but I think the greater the number, the more activity you will see in your guild and the higher the level of camaraderie.

Also, it would be nice to see some sort of assist feature where you can visit a guild member's base and assist them to speed up building/training time or help them gather resources even faster.


  • verticovertico Member
    I think 20 members is enough, but it would be nice to add some guilds to a bigger group.
    This would be easier to transfer the members between the guilds. And also the communication should be possible. I think this would be a chance to improve the ingame chat also.
  • T_12T_12 Member
    I think increasing the number of ways to recruit is a better idea!
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  • verticovertico Member
    Which ways do you mean?
  • ScowleyScowley Member
    I'm not a regular poster on this forum but i do visit periodically especially if we need to replace a guildmate.

    What i notice at the moment is a scourge of layered guilds, one has 9 layers and is still advertising for more members!

    At 'Aloha Snackbar' we have a couple of vacancies and will happily take anyone as long as they are active. We don't have star targets and want the game to remain fun and not a chore.

    Well finding anyone is proving a nightmare. Even creating a thread i find it pushed down by these conglomerates bumping all the time.

    The whole system feel out of sync. Can we not just fill up the guilds we have before opening new ones, it's tainting the game for me i must admit.
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  • verticovertico Member
    Yes, it's hard to find matching players.
    We're using this forum, Facebook, different Line channels and the ingame ad.

    So it's no wonder that some players specialized on this... finding players and refer them to a group of guilds.
    It would be nice to review the guild system to make these things easier.
  • JadenJaden Member
    Try Reddit. We found at least 3 awesome players there.

    I must admit we are also a guild family by now. We had different goals in the game and everyone was getting more and more unhappy. Some felt too much pressure, others felt we could get more rewards if everyone was in. But we didn't want to lose anyone so we split up.

    We don't want "everyone", we just want to be able to provide a place for each of our members where they can feel comfortable and as happy as possible.

    Getting new players to join is a bit of work, though, it really is. And we are always glad if we don't have to recruit...
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  • T_12T_12 Member
    @vertico A Global chat will make a big difference as there are a whole lot of players out there who don't use the forum like we do. Their options are now only narrowed down to Guild Ads and luck. Don't you think The Global Chat will let them learn about different guilds out there?
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  • verticovertico Member
    T_12, I meant only a Chat between the Guilds which work together. Like a main Guild with it's Wing.
  • TraxTrax Member
    This is a single player moblie game so the idea of a guild is funny to me. I'm in one because you get free rewards during challenges, but can someone explain to me the purpose of a guild of 100 people would serve. I get some people have friends they play with and use the guild chat but 20 people is a decent number.
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