Reconnecting... Reconnecting... Reconnecting...

...Connection Lost.

I've had this game for about a month, was making slow progress. Since the last patch, I get the "reconnecting" message within 30 seconds of starting up - EVERY TIME.

This is despite being able to play every other base building game you can name without any issues, Clash, etc. Only this game gives me these problems.

My connection is low bandwidth for broadband, it's just under 1Mbps. On the other hand, my ping is a respectable 30-50 milliseconds. Nothing else is downloading in the background, I just get "reconnecting" CONSTANTLY followed by an inevitable "connection lost".

My connection is not to blame, otherwise all of my other games would suffer in the same way. They do not, I can play numerous other RTS and TBS games for hours without issues. This game clearly has terrible net code. I can only play this at my office, that's the only reason I'm still here.

I'm posting this in the vain hope that SOMEONE at Next Games actually reads it and takes it seriously, as my support ticket has clearly disappeared into oblivion. I took the time to register and post this here, I would expect that the majority of players will just uninstall this and move onto something else.

I can't be the only one having these problems.


  • eetueetu Member
    You are not the only one, we're trying to fix this.
  • @eetu , thx much. This is THE single-most annoying thing at the moment.
    Right now I just kill and restart the app when I get a whiff of a reconnect issue.
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  • eetu said:

    You are not the only one, we're trying to fix this.

    That is literally the best news I've heard this week! Looking forward to the fix, hope you crack it soon.
  • Two weeks on and nothing has changed. Almost exactly 30 seconds after logging in, I get the "reconnecting..." message which just hangs indefinitely.

    Look at all of these threads on your forums with the same problem!!!

    This is a MASSIVE problem affecting so many people, how hard can it be to fix?! From what I've read you've built in some kind of inactivity timer, but it's clearly not working as it comes into play as soon as the game starts. It only seems to affect lower bandwidth connections.

    Please please please at least give us an update on where you are with this. My head is telling me to uninstall, but I love Walking Dead and really want to play this.

  • Same thing happening with iPad, highly frequent 'Reconnecting'... so flaky. Not so good when raiding, the code drops out - reconnecting, but the timer still counts down. Quite a fun game but Reconnecting... every... single... time, has already worn thin. Please get your devs to repair, soon as.
  • It's been happening way too much today. Gave up trying to raid because of the connection issues.
  • I don't care anymore, I quit. Game is a waste of time, developers are inept.
  • YadiYadi Member
    This is serious problem nextgames.. Reconnecting will you are "connecting" is awfull.. This is not happen because of bad connection for sure.. It is kill your appetite playing this game... I will uninstall if you don't fix it asap...
  • SolCuttaSolCutta Member
    I get this too ever since upgrade.. Before it was OK every time. Now reconnect reconnect reconnect.. The annoying thing having the game decide outcome and then tarnishing my scorecard.. It Def needs sorting.. U can assure it not net connection cos I have my signal strength in corner and is always full when this happens, I click on another app that net based and on it comes whereas if no connection it wouldn't load.. Pls pls rectify. It's OK saying we working on it and then weeks later it still happening, it's gonna be bad show if we have to wait til next upgrade for fix, what do we as affected do until then? playing half a game where our influence is drained away by won raids and yet we can't raid back to regain it..
  • SolCuttaSolCutta Member
    July 18th and still reconnect. Reconnect reconnect.. Do u at NG actually listen??! But ull take everyone's money fast enough don't u. Just like I said ull do nothing and leave it til next update and everyone having problems ull just think too bad. That's trouble when get so many new players u don't have to worry about quality do much. We see it on most mob games why would u be any different.. Just money grabbing distraction time wasters.. In for the money. Annoying cos raids three quarters of the game. I can't earn nothing. I can't even be bothered to continue this cos u clearly don't give a..
  • Kick_assKick_ass Member
    edited July 19
    Happens to me at least once or twice each mission :(

    @zbot @Teeceezy any word from developers?
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  • ZardoxZardox Member
    Happened to me and when it reconnected it sent me back to some video I had already watched and lost 5 minutes or more of play. Had to do 3 missions over again...annoying
  • zboneszbones Member
    I have an Iphone and also see connection issues, thought it was just me. I do use Hughes-net for internet and at times drop to 3G but it does seem like I get discounted a lot
  • PointlelPointlel Member
    My other apps work just fine. But this app keeps reconnecting even though I have pretty good internet too.
  • We have been hard at work diagnosing and trying to eliminate the causes of connection failures for weeks now. The problem is that they are intermittent, and finding the common thread to all of them has proven to be very difficult and complicated. That is why we have engaged our local players to report connection problems whenever they have freezes, desyncs, walkers at the entrance, or other loading issues.

    Anyone reading this that experiences these kinds of issues is invited to contact support or to PM me here. It would be best to include the date and time [as precisely as possible], a well as a description of what you were doing in the game before, whether the log-in is coming back to the game or a fresh loading of the game, and how far into your session you got before the connection was lost.
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  • Been a while since I have seen the dreaded "Reconnecting..." during an Outpost raid. The problem disappeared when I switched from an iPhone 5C to an iPhone 5SE. The 5C has 32-bit architecture and the 5SE has 64-bit. Not sure if that is the culprit, but glad I changed phones. It is a much more stable game for me now. It might help @Shteevie if you also provide what type of mobile device you are using. Just a thought...
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