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  • anniesprinkles
    Just curious and maybe you can enlighten me, why Rosita? I thought she was great too until I thought about it more. It really seems to me to be a stupid trait for an assault hero "ONE target deal 17% more damage". Usually when I'm using an assault it's because I need to stop multiple targets and even if you aim at one target anything else in firing vicinity gets hit, so there goes that 17%? But maybe I'm not understanding this trait correctly?
    March 12
    • JayZ
      To preface this: I find Rosita to be most useful in either defending/attacking Outposts
      1. Rosita has the Retaliate trait, which is unique for ranged survivors. Only Dwight, Daryl, and Rick have this trait, and you can't get it from non-hero survivors. Retaliate is awesome, and will basically let you do 1.5 as much damage every turn. It almost ensures that opposing raiders will get some hospital time, which makes them think twice about attacking you. When you're attacking, it might save you a turn or two in your attack.
      2. Also w.r.t. Outposts, I like to bring a Scout and a Shooter as my accompanying raiders. Because those survivors are attacking a single target, Rosita's trait helps them do some more damage. That extra 15 or whatever % might be the difference between killing someone in 2 or 4 turns.

      In general, minimizing the number of turns I need to kill Outpost defenders is good. It either (A) reduces the number of hits my survivors take or (B) allows me to pick defenders off one-by-one (if they're poorly placed) and have enough time to run back, charge my survivors up against zombies, and then run back in to kill the rest.

      Hope this helps!
    • anniesprinkles
      Thank you so much, really helps!! I'm just getting my survivors to lvl 15 and I'm trying to work on better strategies. I thought it was just dumb luck or something when I had to replace my usual assault defender in my outpost with Rosita. But all the sudden I was winning a few opposing raids where they were 2 lvl's higher.

      Thanks again, I'm still learning and that really helps me understand the game better. Take care.
    • JayZ
      No problem, happy to help! Good luck as you continue to progress :)