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    June 21
  • ninewalkers
    Seems to me..... a few more nails were added to the coffin next games is in the process of building for this game. I personally love the idea of going back in time and getting another dead villain " HERO " Two more for that matter . Yippee Skippee
    Can't wait til some idiot goes back to season one and brings back Shane. No doubt he will be a five star " hero " and it will require a thousand " hero " tokens to activate.
    I'd like to know why we're not allowed to retaliate against the individual who raided our camp overnight. Clearly when someone raids your camp while you sleep the first thing you do is mount up and go get your stuff back.
    I'd like to know why I can't retire the so called " hero's " most of em are only one and two star and it will take far too long to upgrade their attributes as opposed to hard working survivors. Really.......you made Rick a three star sub par shooter. That alone should get your fan card taken away. Each update makes it difficult to stick around.
    June 17
  • Metal
    Hey Tee is the hero tokens still 16 minimum because I just used over 300 phones on Rosita and almost all of them were 10 not one 16.....thx
    June 10
    • zbot
      The 16 token was for the 14 days of Hero. The event ended last week Sunday.
  • You received 500 Awesomes. It ain't no fluke, you post great stuff and we're lucky to have you here.
    May 25
  • capibara
    Hey, thanks for all the free Abe tokens. I know you said don't tell anybody, but @DoTak said it was cool.
    May 14
  • Guapo
    Hey, thanks for all the free Michonne tokens. I know you said don't tell anybody, but @capibara said it was cool.
    May 14