If you have lost your account after updating to 2.5, please contact support with your player name, level and guild.



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  • MatiasArgenDead
    I have a doubt that has not been answered by next games service.
    What happens if I've lost my account and this one cannot be recovered?. My real level is 37 but I can restore it just to level 3 because at the moment of reinstalling the update I didn't have the possibility to choose game settings while I was at the tutorial. I had to play until level 3 to be able to contact service.
    Now the problem is that if I don't recover my account there will be other collateral effects because I am the guild leader and still appear in the guild as my guildmates tell me. If next games doesn't kick me out of that guild none of my guildmates will because they can't! Moreover, as I am not able to play, there is a place in the guild that is not being useful.
    Can anyone help me?
  • Rolando19
    Necesito recuperar mi cuenta porfavor antes de que acabe esta semana sobre los tokens de rosita mi cuenta del juego es moises19 y estoy en el nivel 31
    March 23
  • Metal
    Need some info, updated all I could upgrade and it stopped me short of 61, with nothing to upgrade so I can't upgrade council or anything without level 61, so now what, was there a glitch or what do I do
    March 22
  • prescopj
    Hiya, I've sent a ticket in via the game, but need to address this quickly. My legendary Daryl (leg lvl 23 rifle & vest) has had his attack nerfed by over 450 points - 450!). I'm not overly fussed about my other hunters as Daryl is my go-to, but come on, that is crazy, and I can't accept that for a second. I know you'll have a way of checking back - my IGN is Stabby McStab, The Lost Slayer guild. Please buddy, that is a serious, serious error.
    March 21
  • MarauderXIX
    Is the level 59 stuff a bug, a joke or is it real??
    i cant believe that after 6 months waiting to upgrade our council we have to wait and upgrade our tomatoes first.
    Please excuse my bad english, i´m from Spain.
    Thanks in advance.
    March 21