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  • Hells Purgatory Is looking for active members
    June 27
  • Gaelic Warriors needs one member 125 minimum
    June 27
  • Are you an exceptional player looking for a competitive guild that's fun and stress free! HELLS INC the elite guild in the Hells Family has 2 spots available. 600 minimum and top leader board guild!! We also have optional kik chat and Facebook group page!! We are a family of friends who play, slay, and give it hell!!
    June 21
  • Hells Highway Has room for two 300+ members
    June 20
  • Archangels Den needs one new member, 100 minimum
    June 20
  • WalkerKiller
    I may be looking for a new family guild, currently lvl61 / 850-900 stars, and a lvl 54 alt 350-400 stars, I currently play with mavericks, and should get good references from leadership.....am currently leading their boot camp, so will need some time to coordinate a smooth transition.... now you know about me, tell me about your guid...
    June 19
  • GreensareSuper Is looking for one new member who wants to work up to a top leaderboard guild , contact @ads888 for details
    June 17
  • Hells Highway 1 seat available now 375 minimum
    June 14
  • Looking for active members who want to learn and grow GreensareSuper
    June 13
  • Heavens Edge needs 2 new members, 100 minimum last challenge score was 6858 with 19 members
    June 5
  • GreensareSuper Is looking for members
    June 5
  • Archangels Den 100 minimum looking for one member
    June 5
  • Archangels Den is looking for one new member, 100 minimum
    June 4
  • Archangels Den needs one member, 100 minimum
    June 3
  • Archangels Den Has openings
    May 31
  • GreensareSuper Has an opening for an active member
    May 31
  • Archangels Den Has room for 2 active members, 100 minimum
    May 30
  • Heavens Edge Looking for one member, 100 minimum
    May 30
  • Hells Highway is looking for one member, 250 minimum
    May 29
  • SurvivorsReborn Needs one

    There's not so often a free spot in the furry guild so... rodents or humans...if you are a level 53+ player and want to play and have fun SurvivorsReborn is your guild.
    Post a Private Message to @capibara
    We are a very old guild playing since the first day and a nice guild of veterans NML forum celebrities!!! ;)
    The most of us are playing 700+ stars and the top ones 1100+ x challenge.
    We are Top 50 in USA ranks but we are worldwide. Everybody can join us!
    May 26
  • Hells Purgatory Needs one new member, 350 minimum
    May 19
  • HELLS INC In need of 600+
    Hells Gates In need of 300+
    Apply today
    May 16
  • Open place after the challenge, Gaelic Warriors, 100 minimum
    May 15
  • Walkerballz changed their profile picture.
    May 14
  • Archangels Den needs 1 member, apply in game today!
    May 14
  • Walkerballz changed their profile picture.
    May 13
  • Archangels Den is looking for active members
    May 13
  • GreensareSuper is in need of founding members, apply to a brilliant new U.K. Guild
    May 13
  • Hells Highway in need of one member
    May 12
  • Beware is looking for members, no requirements and an awesome leader!
    May 9