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  • Re: PSA: Round passes give you MORE stars, BETTER rewards, and SAVE gas

    Week 1 I made it 25 rounds got 5 round passes to use week 2

    Week 2 I made it 24 rounds (19 played) got 4 round passes to use week 3

    Week 3 I made it 25 rounds (21 played) got 4 round passes and literally need to complete 4 more rounds to get a 5th. I didn’t get 21.4 like many other players did or else I’d only need 3 more rounds for my 5th.

    Players who don’t think we should be flat out given a pass for every 5th completed round (not played round) hasn’t yet experienced this issue trying to go from 4 to 5 round passes.

    So far the only solution is either make it 4 more rounds (which if I could have made it 1 more last week I wouldn’t be in this predicament, or take a week off of the challenge, start fresh in 2 weld with 0 passes and then defeat 25 rounds to get back to 5 passes.

    Working as intended?
  • Re: Trading weapons armour for gold.

    I have brought this up in the past and technically 19 gifts are worth 400 gold. Up to 19 gifts anyway.

    You’d spend 400 gold giving 19 gold crates that are worth about 21 gold each. Most of the time it’s a good trade in the sense if 75 xp is worth 1 gold; gifts received would be worth more than 75 x 21 = 1,575 xp

    Epic, leg weapons, supplies, xp, radios are all worth more than 21 gold when received.

    Only rare gear is the garbage gift.

    It does suck when you’re the receiver of rare gear but overall if you added up the value of the 19 gifts given it will always surpass the value of 400 gold.
  • Re: 242 Components, no Badge Fragments...

    @TJS is right. I have 35 badges. 59 components and 0 badge fragments but I have 35 badges.

    That means I’ve found 199 components and 25 badge fragments.

    It’s not as simple as “1 badge fragment for every 8 components” because the distance gives out way more components than it does badge fragments. Typically I get 4 badge fragments for every 24 components in the distance.

    One thing I can point out, based on the number of badges and how I attain them in the distance I’ve played it 4 times now. I haven’t earned the rare ones yet (and never get far enough to earn the epic ones) so 4+4+4+2 = 14 of my 35 badges have been able to be made from the distance alone.

    I feel many players whom don’t buy gas or buy extra unlocks or buy component bundles will find the same type of ratio for themselves.

    14 of the 35 badges I have are because of the distance. 2.7 has been out for almost 3 weeks now. I also bought a 500 gold bundle in the beginning got 4 from there.

    I’ve found 17 in about 15 days (0 of which were during the first week)

    I would like for NG to add badge fragments to the TG shop.
  • Re: Reachability of loot boxes...

  • Re: Damage Reduction Badge

    Oh I think I see what you're getting at. How can a "reduction" be a positive number. I think that's there to not confuse the players.

    Iron skin reduces damage. It's a positive percentage that reduces so I can see where the confusion comes from.

    But if iron skin did let's say -15% damage reduction I would think two negatives is a positive.

    The term "reduce" indicates a lesser amount than normal. A "negative" so to speak. So if it said "minus" and "reduce" I'd think it would confuse people.