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  • Re: New gold costs should scale

    I agree about the prices regarding rarity. I'm always going to save an epic or legendary. I doubt I'll save a rare and I definitely won't save a common or uncommon.

    Regarding the distance... If a player can make it all the way through (or at least to the point where they get all the badge fragments) then 400 Gold isn't a half bad idea. I don't think I myself will pay 400 gold since ultimately I can just do it for free if I wait 3-4 days when it's available again.

    The rewards you are getting are well worth 400 gold BUT ONLY if you can make it to at least 10 or 14
  • Re: Army Base - Official Discussion Thread

    I just hope this doesn't mean NG is going to reset the challenge again :(

    Although the issues are completely unrelated and honestly can't even be compared to each other (but we all know I'm terrible at analogies so I'm going to do it anyway lol).......

    Just like those whom were able to get inflated stars back in february there was a counter balance made where they couldn't earn any stars the following week. The last time players weren't able to earn enough stars the challenge was reset. Hopefully this challenge isn't reset but there will undoubtedly be players whom have lower scores than normal and this will affect their "all time stars earned" by no fault of their own.
  • Re: Update 2.7 New Challenge Mechanic Pre-Release Thread

    Assuming there is no other changes in store for the challenges (triple round starting the same as it does in 2.6) this is a short look at the differences.

    The example I used listed in the "2.7" columns assumes you use 5 passes. The second section showing "rounds" is actually the rounds you play (since you are earning double stars each round)

    Last post on this as theres nothing more to say.

    Missing out on min between 18-54 box openings per round each of which is an opportunitty to earn radios, gold, fuel, and the new crafting stuff which I also belive is not level specific (which is likely the reason they have actually done this)
    Times that by 5 thats a hell of a lot of opportunities.

    Missing out on the scrap xp and supplies
    Missing out on the XP from kills

    Essentially this is all the same thing regarding not playing 5 rounds and I understand your frustration regarding it I'm just trying to see it as an opportunity to try and alleviate any frustrations.

    4 gas a level x 6 levels = 24 gas x 5 maps = 120 gas
    120 gas will get you 30 challenge maps ranging RSL (assuming you're an end game player) 15, 16, 17, 18, 19

    So you are missing out on all the things those 30 challenge maps offer, xp from kills, scrapped supplies from lower level things, rsl appropriate xp and supplies etc.

    if a scavenger map is 5 gas then you can play 24 scavenger maps finding more appropriate level things with that 120 gas instead.

    So your overall loss is only 6 actual missions. Potential for 18 crates (if you only open 3) up to 54 crates (if you open all 9)

    Instead of 6 maps at lvl 15; 6 maps at lvl 16, 6 maps at lvl 17; 6 maps at lvl 18; 6 maps at lvl 19 (30 total maps) you can (if you choose to) use that saved gas on playing 24 maps of scavenger RSL 23 (or whatever your survivor levels are). I am going to assume regarding supplies and xp they will average out. I am also going to assume that since the walkers are higher level your xp from kills are going to average out as well.

    I agree you are losing out on 6 missions you can play comparing apples to apples, so yes there is technically some type of loss involved but not nearly the way in which it's being described.
  • Re: This is the dawning of the age of Virgo

    I have not played it. Is it good?
  • Re: Weekend Vote Results?

    > @bradnola said:
    > I can only speak for myself and tell you why I did it. I buy booster for every challenge.

    You do realize if you voted for 1 minute gas you wouldn't have had to buy a $2 booster right?