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  • Re: Halloween Pumpkin Carver

    Items given out for free cannot be better than items consumers pay for.

    That’s business 101
  • Re: Update 2.8 - Official Discussion Thread

    Lvl 26 walkers in outposts? That’s going to kill my drive for TG’s. Unless the TG amount is increases. TG’s are based off walkers right?

    Anyway if it takes me 60 seconds to earn 500 TG’s I hope that ratio holds true. If facing a bunch of lvl 26 walkers takes 3 minutes it should earn 1500 TG’s.

    I plan to boycott upgrading my walkers levels. Lvl 20 was ok. Lvl 26 is going to kill desire for outposts.
  • Re: Distance rewards preview

    sorry @painwalker I gotta disagree with you there. If you want tokens I'd recommend going with Normal mode. The tokens in hard mode are mostly at the very end which most can't attain.

    If you want 10 or so aaron tokens I'd go hard mode.

    If you want some uncommon & rare badge fragments (which will typically create common & uncommon badges) i'd go hard mode.

    If you want the chance to earn 2 legendary pieces of gear (that can be bought in the TG shop) I'd go hard mode.

    But I will bet the average person will get more tokens playing Normal mode than they would playing Hard mode. Just my $.02
  • Re: Who should be interviewed next?

    In no way am I intending this comment to speak on behalf of NG but I can almost see how the interview would go if Teeceezy Shteevie or FOABP we’re to be interviewed.

    All the questions would probably be loot tables or when things are going to change update etc

    And all the answers will be “Soon” or “We don’t divulge loot tables”

    There I just helped eliminate 3 choices. No disrespect to any of the admins or devs of NG but I doubt they’re going to answer any of the questions we really want to know the answers to and I personally don’t care how they like their coffee or if they prefer beer over liquor or which shoe they put on first.
  • Re: Update 2.8 - Official Discussion Thread

    > @Fragzie said:
    > Thank you zbot, I must have missed that.
    > Do you know if the instant heal from being bruised will be fixed with the update? zbot tcz foabp

    There is no bug. It’s literally working the way it’s suppose to. Just because you don’t know why it’s happening doesn’t mean it’s a bug. I know why it’s happening and it’s not a bug believe me.

    *edit. I have no intention on publicly announcing why it’s happening.