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  • When will you earn your next round pass?!

    On the left find the row showing how many round passes you earned last week
    Then next to it it will show you what round you will start on
    Then you will see the round number needed to be completed to earn the number of round passes on the top.

    This will work for all players regardless of starting/triple round RSL and also regardless if players get .4 rounds.

    Since the "round" you are playing is basically counting from your starting RSL to where you are at that moment this chart should make it easier to know when you will earn your next round pass.

    *note - the sections marked in blue show points at 0, 5, 10 round passes earned the previous week. You'll notice you need less rounds to earn another RP compared to others. These are the "sweet spots". Using this chart does require you to remember how many RP's you earned the previous challenge. When you start the challenge it will tell you how many you've earned. You earn a RP every 5 rounds you completed (not total 5 rounds as displayed).
  • Re: Round passes

    Week 1 I completed 25 playing rounds got 5 passes.

    Week 2 I completed 19 playing rounds (round 24) got 4 passes.

    Week 3 I completed 19 playing rounds (round 23) got 3 passes.
  • Re: 242 Components, no Badge Fragments...

    @TJS is right. I have 35 badges. 59 components and 0 badge fragments but I have 35 badges.

    That means I’ve found 199 components and 25 badge fragments.

    It’s not as simple as “1 badge fragment for every 8 components” because the distance gives out way more components than it does badge fragments. Typically I get 4 badge fragments for every 24 components in the distance.

    One thing I can point out, based on the number of badges and how I attain them in the distance I’ve played it 4 times now. I haven’t earned the rare ones yet (and never get far enough to earn the epic ones) so 4+4+4+2 = 14 of my 35 badges have been able to be made from the distance alone.

    I feel many players whom don’t buy gas or buy extra unlocks or buy component bundles will find the same type of ratio for themselves.

    14 of the 35 badges I have are because of the distance. 2.7 has been out for almost 3 weeks now. I also bought a 500 gold bundle in the beginning got 4 from there.

    I’ve found 17 in about 15 days (0 of which were during the first week)

    I would like for NG to add badge fragments to the TG shop.
  • Traits on bundles found in game?

    I have been collecting gear for months now and have not seen anything with these 3 traits.

    Silver lethal
    Gold piercing
    Gold spread

    If gear is offered in a paying bundle, can those same traits be found together on other free gear within the game?

  • Re: Damage Reduction Badge

    @lkj_tim from my understanding damage reduction is percentage only. Are you seeing an actual number or a percentage?