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  • Re: Wrestling needs to be limited - and the time is NOW

    We seem to be going round in circles now - I think within the five pages here we've heard the meat from both arguments. Closing it down before it degenerates.

    Re: opening by popular demand, but be warned: if the discourse disappears and baiting and insults take over then action will be taken.
  • Re: Regarding balance (surv-lvl vs. challenge stars) in 2.7

    @Invader Apologies for the late reply - there will be more information about the challenges in 2.7 and onwards next week. I really appreciate your patience regarding the issue which I know is important to the community.
  • 2.7 Sneak Peek

    From the trade for tomatoes thread it's clear that some of you are worried about trading in your tomatoes in case something in the next update requires a glut of tomatoes. So, I'm making this sneak peek thread to communicate a few changes that might effect how you spend your resources in the upcoming weeks. As this is going out a little earlier than other previews be aware that I might not be able to answer all of your related questions but will do the best I can now and over the coming weeks things will become clearer and clearer.

    LET'S GO:

    There will be no new council upgrade in 2.7. Short and sweet, no upgrading.

    Something big is coming which will allow your survivors to be more powerful than ever. It's going to have the potential to make them so powerful that we're having to adjust the maximum limits on a few things to stop them from becoming (near-)invincible. We didn't want to change any stats on armour and weapons that you've already worked hard to get as we know that doing so is roundly unpopular. So instead: the maximum amount of critical hit chance that a normal attack can have will no longer exceed 90% chance and the maximum damage reduction will be limited to 80% reduction. Implementing these limits means that if your survivor would have over these limits, the buffs will stop at the limit. It is definitely worth reassessing your survivors set ups to make sure your equipment is putting as many people as close to those values as possible without going over. Charge abilities which guarantee critical hits are unaffected by this and will always critical hit as normal.

    I wanted to communicate this to you all now ahead of time as it might change how you spend and assign your resources in the coming weeks and what weapons and armour you're aiming on getting etc. Very excited to reveal more in the upcoming weeks, it's looking to be a really amazing and really content filled update!

    Edit for clarity: There's no council update doesn't mean there'll be nothing to spend supplies on, but nothing that maxed upgraded players shouldn't be able to afford by collecting supplies from their camp between the trade event ending and the update releasing.
  • Re: Weekend Vote Results?

    Voting update Number 2:

    The number of votes has risen to an impressive 156,300. Here are the current results:

    1 Minute Gas - 33,764

    Double Supplies 48,302

    Jackpot Weekend 74,294

  • Re: Weekend Vote Results?

    The voting ends on Friday at 7UTC directly before the weekend event will begin. I voted for 1 minute gas :)