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  • Re: Stay survivor lv 14 for awhile and get badges or lv up?

    I would just keep levelling. You'll get badges along the way. It takes forever to reach max level. There's no need to rush, but I wouldn't consider sticking at one level for longer than necessary until you get close to 20. At that point you'll probably want a good gear set before you move up.
  • Re: PSA: Round passes give you MORE stars, BETTER rewards, and SAVE gas

    It may be pure dumb luck...

    It is. I collected just the usual trash...
    the level of the gear was not dumb luck, though. you won't get level 22 gear from level 15 missions.
  • Re: How far did YOU go in The Distance?

    Might've made it if I had any assault charges left. Freemen on map 20 are horrendous.

  • Re: NextGames publicly traded stock seem to correlate how players enjoy new game modes & long term

    Seems like an appropriate time to inquire about the future of this game beyond the life of the AMC TV series. As in, is there one? Even great TV shows like Breaking Bad reach their limit of marketability, and as soon as that starts to stop growing, bye-bye TV show.

    I hope the game stays forever, I have grown quite fond of it.
    There is legitimate substance to the question, but I am compelled to point out that Breaking Bad ended its run deliberately for story reasons, not marketability. They had a limited story to tell, and told it.

    TWD is deliberately designed as a never ending story. I'm not sure how close they are to the timeline of the comics, but they still have a few seasons to catch up, at least. Even with the ratings drop of last season, it remains AMC's biggest show. As long as the comic continues, they will have story to build on and won't get into a GRR Martin/Game of Thrones situation. So marketability will probably be the deciding factor. Whether the game could survive without the show is a good question. I kind of doubt it, sadly. So you are right to ask. But it is nothing like the Breaking Bad ending. They had enough audience to run that show for a few more years easily if money was the driving factor, but artistic integrity won out, thank Zeus.
  • Re: I am raiding my own outpost?

    Make note of any weaknesses in your defense, take the TG, and leave. You will probably lose more influence than you gain for killing yourself.

    If it happens repeatedly, make a report in bug section of the forum and note youe in-game name, guild, and influence level along with any other pertinent details. Maybe take some screenshots.