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  • Re: badges bonus from the same set

    Some pics.

    Green number shows how many badges you have that fit that slot.

    Click on the slot to see the badges that fit. Look at the shape around the center of icon to know which set it matches.

    All of the badges with the X shape below are in the same set.

  • Re: The Green Monkey thread

    ".....unless you're on the inside."

    [remaining space withheld for @Jenng ]


  • Re: To Wrestle or Not to Wrestle?


    You call that wrestling a Fatty? Ha!

    This is me wrestling with a Fatty.(I'm the one executing excellently)

    This is my cousin wrestling with a fatty:

  • Re: Badges - Official Discussion Thread


    The in-game info button is actually pretty helpful. It took me a while to figure out you can tell the badge set on the equip screen from the shape of the ring around the center of the badge.

  • Re: Wrestling needs to be limited - and the time is NOW

    You're free to ask for an explicit yes or no from NG, but I think the statement on Wednesday morning pretty well shows that they don't consider it an exploit, or at least not one that breaks any rules, but will at least be discussing possible changes in the future..
    If you mean about people completing it then the official statement is, congratulations! Some people here thought that it would happen @Fearofabotplanet and others thought that we wouldn't have a winner this week @Shteevie. And regarding tactics and the feelings of players regarding those tactics, of course we'll take our data and community feedback into account when looking at how to move forward with The Distance.

    The reason that my statement is pretty neutral is that it's early days. It still seems really hard for most people to complete The Distance, but if it looks like exploits are undermining the core idea of the game mode (which is that it's really really hard) then perhaps that'll need to be changed in the future. The event will end soon and we'll see how many people have completed it. Note: Those who have completed it and are forum users head over to the check-in thread to claim your badge!

    But your responses, and the responses of the wider community, as always are welcome and vital in helping us shape the direction that things are taken. Please bring me back from The Neutral Planet.
    Edited to add 2nd quote.