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  • Re: Badges - Official Discussion Thread

    I would prefer the crafting to guarantee a better minimum level, like rare components for rare or better item, etc. But clearly it is working as intended; since NG built it this way and dosen't seem to want to change it. You believe they need to "correct" it. They don't believe there is anything to "correct." I see an impasse.

    Stun mechanics were in the game as they are now when I started playing. Goo walkers were introduced. I don't get why they don't stun surrounding walkers on explosion, but So it goes. Now there is an upper limit to stun. I don't really see the need to add it, but it hasn't noticeably affected my gameplay.

    As for wrestler; I saw the nerf coming and opposed it, including with suggestions on other ways to fix The Distance LLS/wrestler loophole. I wasted a good bit of time in the Distance thread to offer other ideas, like capping the survivors you can use during the event. I coined a shiort-lived acronym. NG went the easy route instead and made the trait undesirable again. So it goes.
  • Re: Update 2.8 - Official Discussion Thread

    Here's an idea - eliminate the warm up levels that are single rounds. Start everyone level 20 or up at difficulty 19, and keep round passes as they are now. So with six round passes, you would skip 19.1, 19.2, 19.3, 20.1, 20.2, and 20.3.

    If you are earning six round passes already, then starting at difficulty 21 should still give enough easy levels to learn the maps before getting to any risk. Keeps the stars balanced and eliminates some low-level time wasting. Easy peezy lemon squeezy.
  • Re: Badges - Official Discussion Thread

    I would much prefer it if epic pieces resulted in epic badges and leg for leg, but that's not how they designed it to work. "Should" doesn't enter into it.

    I am all for a system that guarantees better results. But I can't sympathize with people complaining that they got a badge that was exactly within the range they were promised before they clicked "create."
  • Re: Badges - Official Discussion Thread

    If I have a bunch of garbage 1 and 2 star components then I should just make a badge right? There is no way to improve the component rarity.
    That's what I would think. A mediocre badge is better than none at all, at least until you build some better ones.
  • Re: Update 2.7 - Official Discussion Thread

    This new update and this system is so garbage. Really, I use all epic items and you give me a Rare trait.
    Garbage or not, the crafting screen tells you exactly what the range will be before you follow through with crafting. If you don't want a rare badge, wait until you have the components to get something with a minimum of epic.