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  • Re: Update 2.7 - Official Discussion Thread

    This new update and this system is so garbage. Really, I use all epic items and you give me a Rare trait.
    Garbage or not, the crafting screen tells you exactly what the range will be before you follow through with crafting. If you don't want a rare badge, wait until you have the components to get something with a minimum of epic.
  • Re: Wrestling needs to be limited - and the time is NOW

    I still get all those other armors. Sorry you're not pulling what you want.
    You could have all my bulletproof armor if the game allowed such exchanges. I find it undesirable.

    I won't speak for anyone else, but myself and my guild are still focused on building up quality survivors with good traits and good gear. And I don't see how wrestler has killed anything about that concept. It wouldn't be getting all this attention if it weren't for The Distance, which also suffered a major freeman bug in the last mission, now fixed we're told, and may still be altered in response to the Call, Wrestle, Retire, Repeat strategy, aka C-W-R-R (a descriptor I may have been responsible for coining, by the way :) Not the actual strategy. Just the name).

    I really don't think we would be having this discussion at all if not for people using this method in The Distance. I have no reason to believe the wrestler trait is somehow being abused in any other game mode, and it's highly debatable that it qualifies as an "abuse" in The Distance, as evidenced by the debate in this thread and the response so far by NG. I use the wrestler trait to survive a handful of really tough challenge levels so that it's not an automatic fail if I can't kill that heavy walker coming at me before he starts a grapple.

    And, worst-case scenario, if high-scoring players are throwing LLS with wrestler at level 30-something walkers in the Challenge; I personally could care less. I'm not going to waste my time with it, but I don't care if they do. I do have some issues with how C-W-R-R defeats the purpose of The Distance as being the hardest game mode ever, but I've explained my argument and preferred solution in length elsewhere in this thread, and it comes down to the fact that I think it is cheesy but I'm not going to call for nerfing a trait just to make it harder. There are other, better ways to fix The Distance, and I wish the people who are now calling for Wrestler trait to be nerfed would make an argument that doesn't invoke this new game mode, if they have one.
  • Re: Badges - Official Discussion Thread

    @Mabiki - Oh yeah!. I see the deeper shaded bit in the middle now. I was switching between survivor view and badge view, many many times.
    Me too. I still have a post-it of my initial badge sorting while planning some equips before I realized. I was writing an angry forum post in my mind about how they need to make the sets clear on the equip screen like they do in the craft building by labeling with A,B,C, etc., when I saw the green "i" for info button and figured it out. I still think sorting them by letter as well on the equip screen would help a lot, though.

  • Re: Badges - Official Discussion Thread

    Voicing my own opinion is not the same as discounting anyone's experience. I didn't tell anyone to shut up, nor did I claim I was "happy" with my experience.

    "But I can't sympathize with people complaining that they got a badge that was exactly within the range they were promised before they clicked "create.""

    This is near to similar...
    Perhaps it boils down to comunication styles. To me, saying "This should be fixed/improved," is different than saying "This is BS" along with a comment about farming all weekend only to get ... exactly what the game said you would get. To me, one is a respectful ask for a change, and another is just standard forum complaining about anything NG does.
  • Re: Badges - Official Discussion Thread

    I get that it sucks to use all legendary pieces and get an epic badge. I do. But it says "Rarity: Between Epic and Legendary." No surprises. RNG.