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  • Re: Components/fragments droprate is very poor...

    A little OT, I know, but I don't want to necro a hero thread nor start a new one just for this.

    On the subject of rare, I had Michonne in my shop twice today!

    As for badge pieces, fragments have just dried up completely for me after a decent run the first week and a half. My components are lonely.
  • Re: Walkers Don't Dance

    'Cause the dead don't dance and if they don't dance well they're no friends of mine.
    But, but, but ...

    I was always made to understand the Dead Can Dance
  • Re: Contest to be a Survivor in No Man's Land

    I like it. I would be happy to have my face as a survivor.

    I would prefer to be a Hero, though. If they could program me to automatically unlock at max level without giving players a choice to avoid unlocking me, that would be even better. But then make my tokens for upgrade extremely difficult to find. I would be bigger than @Guapo or Stu. I'll have to give some thought to my leader trait, though.
  • Re: Wrestling needs to be limited - and the time is NOW

    I've often complained about wrestling trait and wrestlers in general, the percentage of it working needs to be brought down to the 30% level, if anything another survivor should have to save you out of the grapple you're in if your wrestle trait doesn't work, would make for much more interesting game play.
    This already exists. The wrestler trait doesn't always work. And if it doesn't, and another survivor doesn't kill the grappling walker to save you before the clock counts down, you will die.

  • Re: badges bonus from the same set


    Each badge fits in one of six specific slots, and you cannot alter which one it fits. So when you click on a badge slot, it shows all the badges you have that fit that slot, regardless of set A, B, etc.

    So you might have 4 badges in one set, but can't equip all on the same survivor if some of them fit the same slot. You would need more badges in that set that also fit the open slots you have.

    In addition, each badge has a shape in the center of the icon that shows you what set it is part of on the equip screen. There is a hexagon shape icon, an X shape, a cross shape, etc., so you can tell when equipping whether a badge for the open slot is in the same set as the others.

    Hope that helps.