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    @rfg1982 Thanks for your comment.

    Bugs are fixed for every version that we release. Some bugs may affect players earlier on in the game and others may affect you more as an endgamer.

    We’re committed to providing a quality game and fixing as many bugs as possible - but like I mentioned above, development goes in cycles, and in a cycle, time that is spent on bugs is time not spent on new content. It’s a balancing act every time we release an update, but there always needs to be part A and part B in all of them.
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    @Drunken I get that my answer was more of the same. Right now, there just isn’t anything set in stone that we can with 100% certainty say will be fixed/adjusted/added in this coming update, and what will have to wait for the next one.

    At the moment, Hero Week 3 is looking like its still a few weeks away. I added a plus to temper expectations, just in case its 3 or 4 weeks away.

    Regarding the Radio Event, it was unfortunate to say the least that it ended prematurely, but the decision amongst the team was that it would not be compensated upon further.
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    We’re still very much around, and the game is not sunsetting.

    As you all probably know, game development proceeds in cycles - right now we’re still working on the next update, and what makes it in and doesn’t is not yet set in stone. Obviously this cycle has been extended a bit due to the aforementioned holiday period, but there’s an update on the way and we’ll let you know all about it as soon as we can.

    On a more personal note, recently I’ve found that a ”yes we are aware of this issue and are working on it” comment, or other similar answer to the feedback you’ve provided hasn’t given you guys what you need and deserve. I 100% understand that not getting proper solutions to them is frustrating. However, I plead you not to take it out on newer forum users or moderators. We were all new players and forumers once upon a time, and the mods work their socks off to ensure that the community forums stay the place we all know and love.

    I want you all to know that we are aware of your feedback and are working on solutions. Again, more on the next update soon.

    - TCZ
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    I’ll give it a go @Pain_Walker so long as It’s not censored by Next Games.
    Painwalker's channel is in no way affiliated with Next Games - whatever he posts is his own words, at his own discretion.
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    Fairly soon, yeah.