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  • skeets
    I have an apple, not android. Any other ideas?
    April 23
  • purfect247
    Please help a team mate!

    A. Member of our guild has contacted you several times as he has not been able to log on to the game since the update. His name is David guild is Revolutiongamer and he is level 28.

    Any help getting him back online will be appreciated

    March 26
    • Jade765
      did he try the in game help?
  • MatiasArgenDead
    Hi zbot! Please I need your help.
    I've lost my account and followed all the steps indicated by support but it didn't work. Now I am at level 3 but that it's no my real player level.
    I explain you what happened so maybe you can tell this to someone and simplify the process...
    I have updated the app but I had problems as a message told me that I had problems with internet and there were problems with the server. After that I uninstalled and reinstalled the app. While I was at the tutorial I couldn't go to settings to ask for support because that option didn't appear. So I had to do the tutorial and play until level 3 so at that moment appeared the settings button.
    The service team told me to close the game, activate Game Center and then restore the game. But it appears to me the possibility to restore just to level 3. I did all this steps many many times.

    My player name is Matias
    My player level is 37
    My guild name is ArgenDead

    Thank you!
    March 25
  • TheLostOnes
    lizzbeth, I'm pretty sure you are overestimating the size of the paycheck received by someone who uses his spare time to do voluntary work for the NML community as a forum moderator.

    Unless you are talking about zbot's real day job and know stuff that the rest of us don't.
    March 24
  • lizzbeth
    Zbot...if you don't like your job. I know of a few people who would not like to hear about it. Namely some execs at Universal.
    March 22
  • lizzbeth
    Closed...I don't think so. Either give a valid answer and description of what is occurring or do not close said occurrence. Correct this. ZBot...pass this on to someone else who actually; pays attention, calculates and is completely aware of how this game works and functions. FYI: No Man's Land is endorsed by AMC. A great portion of your paycheck is built upon customers who play and pay to do so (please feel free to research my $ amount if it makes the cut for your paycheck) along with the creators, designers and actors of this Cult Classic. Please, get it right.
    March 22