Devilman's Base Guide

As requested from my Posse. This is a guide only. This in no way represents how you should play the game. This is how I’ve been playing and hopefully there is something in my guide that helps you. If you’re a Base upgrading pro then check out my tips and also check out my card collecting guide.

Simply put, having more troop cards means doing more missions quicker. The more pvp, cattle/mine battles, and computer battles you do, the more resources and more card packs you get. In 20 minutes play, I average 4-5 card pack openings, 600,000 gold and goods and 25-50000 steel.

My Base: I’m level 35.
Courthouse and Saloon: maxed lvl 19
Furnace and Steel storage: maxed lvl 10 (can hold 411,000 steel)
Banks and Barns: 2 lvl 8, and 2 lvl 10 (can hold 2.5mill gold and goods)
Camps: 6 camps All lvl 13 (can hold 150 cards)
Pony Express: 15
Fort: 13 (BP’s lvl 14 starting total of 47, flags lvl 6 giving 8 flags lasting 17 seconds)
Doc Waltz: lvl 8 (gives 7 multiplier.)
Farms and Cabins: all lvl 8
Towers: 4 Sally: all lvl 9. 2 Pinkerton: all lvl 9. 4 Sheriff: all lvl 9, 5 Deputy: all lvl 13
Traps: Bombs: lvl 15-16. Sand: 3 lvl 6, 1 lvl 9.

Upgrading your base the pvp way:

The quickest way to get resources is to attack other players. To do this you need a lot of Troops, a decent amount of starting BP’s, a good amount of the map unlocked and decent regen times for you cards.

Priority Upgrades:
Camps: You want to have at least 20 extra card space so you can keep upgrading troops. If you find that you are constantly full of cards, stop upgrading everything else and do 2-3 upgrades on all your camps.
Courthouse: Keep maxed at all times.
Saloon: Also keep maxed (tip: save Caleb Carpenter cards to Insta build Saloon because you cannot open packs while Saloon is upgrading).

Secondary Upgrades:
Fort: Keep upgrading whenever possible to get more starting BP’s and flags
Doc Waltz: upgrade until his cost and time to build become to much. Then upgrade when you start to get a lot of higher lvl troops.
Pony Express: Upgrade every time you have bought all the sections on map.

Banks, Barns, furnace and steel storage:
Upgrade Banks and Barns only when you need to upgrade the Courthouse or Saloon.
Upgrade Steel storage whenever you need to buy more railroads on map.
Upgrade furnace in between other upgrades.

Once you hit the later stages of card collecting, which is basically when you have a lot of Notorious cards ready for Legendary infusion (see also my card collection guide) stop upgrading everything and upgrade Furnace and Steel storage to lvl 10. Steel becomes your most precious commodity once you start to fuse Legendary cards.

Towers: Upgrade Deputy when you can. Because of the long build times upgrade the rest in phases. I usually upgrade my towers after upgrading courthouse and Saloon. Also reduce build times with Caleb Carpenter cards.

Cabins, Farms, bombs and sand traps: The only time you should upgrade any of these is if you cannot afford any other upgrade or you have too much of a resource.



  • yetiyeti Member Posts: 2
    Nice guide, Devilman, some great tips in here for new players
  • hashbrownhashbrown Member Posts: 62
    Well thought out. Kudos!
  • XoDEVILMANoXXoDEVILMANoX Member Posts: 7
    Thank you.
  • LuckyLucasLuckyLucas Member Posts: 3
    Well there you have it. Didn't realise upgrading the Saloon gave you no cards mate.
    Good info. Always learning.
    Now onto your next post mate....
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