Devilman's Tips


Click the Diamonds tab in top right corner, select booster tab and get all 3 boosters ASAP.

What to do every time you start the game up. Open your card pack, collect all your resources then watch the videos to get free cards (usually 3-5 videos longest is 30 seconds).

After watching vids or doing missions with a “?” Reduce the randomness by always selecting the same card. I always choose the 4th card. I tested this by doing 100 random selections then 100 same card selections. Option a) I got about 30-40 good cards ( reduce timers, Caleb, troop cards etc). Option b) I get around 40-50 good cards.

Never watch videos or play “?” Missions if your card timer is 1 hour to go or less. You’d be surprised with how many 1 & 2 hour reduce card timer cards you receive.

Never spend Diamonds on auto finishing an upgrade unless it costs 10 Diamonds or less to finish and you are ready to start a new upgrade, and need to log out.

The moment you collect 100 diamonds, buy an elite pack. Don’t save up for the 500 diamond pack. 5, 100 diamond packs will net you far more and better cards.

You can complete Cattle/mine battles after the event has ended and still get basic packs from them.

Check the paper at your front gate, every time it updates you get 10 free Diamonds at the bottom right hand corner of the paper. Also every so often it will advertise a Troop card that can be upgraded for half the usual cost for x amount of days.

Always scout pvp matches before attacking and plan your strategy. Also hitting revenge after your town has been defeated will put you into scout mode, it won’t lock you into a battle.

You can click on camps and towers in scout mode to see there attack radius.

You can place a flag before you start battles.

Always keep in mind that a defeated enemy camp becomes a new spawn point for troops.

If you have far more of 1 resource than the others and need to spend it. Upgrade bombs, train tracks and sand traps to use Steel. Upgrade banks and prospector cabins to use Goods. Unlock more of the map to use Gold.

For some strange reason I find going up the far right in normal computer maps to be the easiest.


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