Earl_1Earl_1 Member Posts: 315
U need to come home :(


  • brad001brad001 Member Posts: 6
    I need time away from the game Earl, It is taking up too much of my time to be permanent member. When I accumulate cow or gem cards I will join up to use them! That's the best I can offer.
  • Earl_1Earl_1 Member Posts: 315
    I will take it! Thank u for contacting me. I do miss you!
  • AzizAziz Member Posts: 67
    Brad001 this is the best way .. While u rest u can save alot of cowbell cards and doctors waltz .. And its really its will take long time.. Now i have 16 noto cowbell and 40 vet doctor waltz with 3 noto.. But imagen that i dont have time lol .. My son have exams school and when he finish i will take my family to travel somewhere..
    No one she can take....
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