Leaderboard posse "Grill Masters" recruiting 2 spots!

GrillGirlGrillGirl Member Posts: 10
Grill Masters is a leaderboard posse... We recently started a feeder posse (that's where our 2 members went). We are seeking 2 active members... Requirements are that you have 5 train capacity and consistently achieve 50k per event.

If you're not quite there but want to get there... Our development/feeder posse is called "GM Apprentice".

Tell the leaders Dave (Grill Masters) or Brutus (GM Apprentice) that Gina sent you!

Grill on!


  • GrillGirlGrillGirl Member Posts: 10
    I'll add that we are core team who've been around awhile. We are understanding teammates who realize that life gets busy and prevents us from contributing at times. Communication is appreciated when taking time off.
  • GrillGirlGrillGirl Member Posts: 10
    Spots still open! Fun group from all over the world. Looking for some motivated Cowboys/girls to keep us moving up the leaderboard. Last week we were #23!
  • duguiderduguider Member Posts: 6
  • GrillGirlGrillGirl Member Posts: 10
    We found some, but now we just bumped some deadwood! Looking for a few more! Thanks guys!
  • duguiderduguider Member Posts: 6
    There are a few empty spots and we're still up there. It's fun being on the leaderboards. Come join us and make it higher!
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