Grill Master has new feeder Posse!!

BrutusBrutus Member Posts: 13
GM Apprentice is feeder Posse for Grill Masters. Also, we are a place for veterans needing a break from the weekly grind and enjoy events, fellow players and the game. If you seek promotion to GMs, we are all about developing skills and strategies. Look us up & check us out. BTW, grillin' some baby back ribs and roasted corn tonight, watcha grillin'?


  • BrutusBrutus Member Posts: 13
    Be part of something great. Join the newly formed GM Apprentices. We are some West Veterans, lookin' to continue having fun without the expectations of top Posses. Also lookin' to pass on our wisdom and develop some rootin' tootin' young bucks eager to make their mark on West. Come one come all!! Watcha grillin' tonight?
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