Ready to ride a leaderboard Top 10-challenging posse? We want you @ NC Gunslinger!

BigNoseKateBigNoseKate Member Posts: 7
edited June 2016 in Posse Recruitment

NC Gunslinger is a powerful growing posse that is ready to challenge the leaderboard top 10! Being top 15 for the last events we are now aiming for the final 10.
Our members get time to grow, time to slow down at times, we have a lively chat on tactics and experienced leaders who will help you and are happy to learn themselves.
Wanna be part of this awesome posse? Join us, send a request we have a few positions left for solid team-playing contributors. Minimum 40k each event, targeting twice your level and work your way up to become deputy or co-leader.

[email protected] Saloon!
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