Caught a few of Mr. Driller's Spy's !

CosmoCosmo Member Posts: 85
Cattle bandit had to boot a few cowpokes who were spying for Mr. Driller. That being said, we are lookin for a few pardners to saddle up with us. Head over to the saloon n Ms. Sally will put yr X on the spot! Natalya will inspect yr guns. Then Grumpy our chuckwagon chef will russle up ya a grub steak while Ace a at the barn will checkout your stallions shoes so you can chase down those dastardly cowards who raid our ranges n steal our cows n horses!

Open Posse, entry level 26. Guidelines for pardners are. Min. 5000 points. Deputy at 10.000 and deputies need to contribute a of minimum 10.000.
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