Mr. Driller (that unwashed stinky) n his henchmen r on the run!

CosmoCosmo Member Posts: 85
Cattle bandit here cowpokes, we are lookin for a few pardners to saddle up with us. Ms. Sally will put yr X where it needs to be, Natalya will inspect yr guns n replace all the ammo you've used. Then Grumpy our chuckwagon chef will russle up ya a grub steak while Ace a at the barn will checkout your stallions shoes so you can chase down those dastardly cowards who raid our ranges n steal our cows n horses! Oh n Doc Chance will stitch up and cuts n scratches you might encounter while scoutin for those no good cow dung stealing rustlers!

Open Posse, entry level 26. Guidelines for pardners are. Min. 5000 points. Deputy at 10.000 and deputies need to contribute a of minimum 10.000.
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