Why not add an option to buy wonderful tonics and potions that could give you boosts or even do the opposite by random such as used to happen back in the west ..


  • cliffecliffe Member Posts: 1
    Hello guys. I was thinking it would be awesome if the trees on empty part of the town growed back. I love this game because of being Western . I cut the trees when I needed. But now most of my town is only dirt. If that's possible, I really would like to have the trees grow back.
  • Kane1Kane1 Member Posts: 173
    Not sure that will happen Cliffe but I do have an idea.....

    Start again, don't clutter your map with Train track and keep your tree's, maybe become a one moo choo account and join friends of mine in Gun's of West!

    Hope this helps mate :)
  • Kane1Kane1 Member Posts: 173
    Oh it's been a long day it's not the train map with the trees! Hahaha! Never mind a bit of free advertisement for Sko so no harm done ;)
  • PegPeg Member Posts: 560
    I think it would be awesome if people kept their word.
  • CalamityJaneCalamityJane Member Posts: 496
    Not in this lifetime I'm afraid.... Doesn't hurt to dream
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