Looking for a few good men ( or ladies) to Join old Wild Black today


We looking for a new member to join our posse.
We do Have some requirements
-Level 18 and above
---We also ask that you contribute at least 15000 points per cattle battles and gold rush mine battles.

there are allowances made if you are on holiday or for other personal reasons.

We have 9 places available.


  • mikekirkwood3mikekirkwood3 Member Posts: 12
    Cmon you heard Violet mosey on down and join old wild black you know you want to
  • BigboyBigboy Member Posts: 8
    Hi all looking for new members to join our posse gunslingers all are welcome
    Must come to play we take all hope to see you soon!!!
  • Violet7amethystViolet7amethyst Member Posts: 54
    Bigboy, this is an recruitment post for Old wildblack. you need to start a new post for the gunslinggers.

    To all looking to join old wildblack - we are a international posse full of competitive but friendly folk. join us today!

    when we had full house we have been able to make it to the top 50 .
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