Has NEXT abandoned this game?

It sure appears so... No update in months... No communication in social media. When was the last time an issue of the "Frontier Times" came out? :/

Sadly, all we hear is tumbleweeds, partners.

Too bad, since it's a great game.


  • James101James101 Member Posts: 297
    @Nekobasu @KellyGrey can one of you give us some feed back to when we will see some updates? Many players spent money on this game and you should be keeping up with the game, atleast communicate with fb or the forum what we should expect. Or is it Next intentions to let this game die, and only focus on "the walking dead" which just had another update... Please respond
  • DoodleAnnDoodleAnn Member Posts: 89
    Thx for the info on the Walking Dead - I don't play it nor have any intention to try it -- but I would think they could spare a developer or two to throw a bone our way - like people have said -- we aren't asking for a lot -- change the scenery on gold rush once in awhile - Snow has melted even in Yellowstone and at the Boise cascade Mountains ... Seriously ? And one or two tweeks a month will make us happy
  • GazzaGazza Member Posts: 95
    You may be right .... the Walking Dead FB page has over 250k likes compared to just 60k likes at CPW ... but all is not rosy in zombie land. Here is one of their visitor posts:

    "change the events!!! You are burning out a lot of players. The events are extremely repetitive. Having to do the same few missions 100 times a week is mind numbing and boring. It takes 4-5 days just to get far enough for them to be mildly challenging.
    Increase star rewards, increase difficulty, increase cool down. Make it so we don't have to play all day every day to get to challenging levels.
    I have played for 9-10 months and have had a 6 month plateau.... I can't progress and all I'm doing is grinding the same boring content."

    Sound familiar?
  • Earl_1Earl_1 Member Posts: 315
    I play walking dead. They hv done some updates but even there they sometimes neglect communication from consumers.

    I have to wonder if all the refunds through the Apple Store did them in. Not that I'm saying people shouldn't hv got refunds. Seems like that was about same time we quit hearing from them.

    I agree snow drifter. It's a great game. Maybe they are regrouping and will come back. I know at one time they had job listings for some of the positions.

    I'm keeping my fingers crossed.
  • Earl_1Earl_1 Member Posts: 315
    In walking dead they are also making it where u need to purchase more & more. Sound familiar?
  • SgtSalamiSgtSalami Member Posts: 578
    Yes, in NML the new update may require purchasing the radio packs they are pushing are $50 for 200 cellphones in order to utilize the heroes in the update. Only enough to phones make 18 15-call phone radio calls in order to vainly attempt to gain tokens to update your survivors. The update was made to introduce heroes from the tv show which would require another set of tokens different from the ones for your survivors, which are class specific anyway, and different for each hero character in order to upgrade the heroes to be useful. You also need tokens to unlock the heroes in the 1st place. These tokens are different than the food and xp which you already need to upgrade buildings, gear, and survivors (where the costs slowly skyrocket). The update has sparked a revolt in many of the older players who are actively involved in the forums. Since NG had to license the "heroes" from TWD they need to find a way to make it profitable. Maybe you don't want an update like this one.

    You can still pay for free, but NG seems to be trying to turn it into a de facto subscription service or one in which it will take a long time to get anything done (or a serious grind) if you don't spend. It is disheartening and many seem to be leaving.

    It's interesting see this malaise on your side because, in various articles, NG tout CPW as their own product which they are proud to have and develop.
  • Wingman300Wingman300 Member Posts: 222
    Salami, they left us ages ago. I would assume they would make those changes here too, but they don't make any changes here so.
  • Earl_1Earl_1 Member Posts: 315
    @SgtSalami First of all let me say, they can stick their heroes where the sun don't shine. (Not very lady like I know, but that's how Earl the girl feels.)

    Second, they must not be very proud of CPW. Any interaction with players has ceased. We used to get weekly papers. They used to comment & interact with us on fb. They used to hv little contests on fb to keep ppl involved. Players of CPW are dropping like flies. Most of us that are still here are here because of the other players we've come to know and love.

    With the last update (about 18 yrs ago. Ok, slight exaggeratio) they made it impossible for low level ppl to play gold rush events, which are every other week. Lower lvl players are also hving difficult time lvling up. Many of us veteran players hv "topped out". Nothing more we can upgrade or improve.

    Any kind of update would b welcome cuz it would mean someone's still out there somewhere.
  • Earl_1Earl_1 Member Posts: 315

    @SgtSalami here's the last date we've heard anything from ng
  • Earl_1Earl_1 Member Posts: 315
    Just looked at their fb page. Says something was posted yesterday and other dates throughout the summer. I do not believe that to b truthful. I don't think any changes hv been made. I'll start saving pics to c if I'm wrong or right.
  • SgtSalamiSgtSalami Member Posts: 578
    @Earl_1 It's interesting because in public they say how proud they are of CPW and how important it is to them. Check out these two links on NG:


    CPW is mentioned in both. In the 2nd Huuhtanen says this about it. "Some people are fine doing licensed games, especially when it's an IP like The Walking Dead," he says, "But some want to create something unique, something new. From a hiring perspective we potentially would lose a lot of people that would be a great fit for the company, because they feel like, 'If I can't do my own thing, I won't join,'

    "Yes, The Walking Dead is much bigger, but West is serving an important role as well. It's a profitable game, and it's something that we did on our own. We own it, 100 per cent. It serves a lot of purposes on top of the business reasons. Creating your own IP is important."

    I guess their words and reality don't really match.
  • Earl_1Earl_1 Member Posts: 315
    @SgtSalami wow! That's very interesting. Kind of leaves me speechless...they hv lost so many pkayers. I know I hv stopped watching ads. I hvnt encouraged others to do so but... I wonder if w quit spending or watching ads if it would get there attention.

    I really thought they had written us off. Turns out were just their suckers maybe.

    Don't get me wrong, I love this cheesy,silly game. I hope they will continue developing it.
  • SnowDrifterSnowDrifter Member Posts: 90
    I guess they're proud of it - it's an original concept and a great game. My guess is it funds itself - not a blockbuster, but more like an independent movie that does well in the festivals and art houses and makes its money back.

    They are likley devoting time and resources to TWD - since that's the the one that's going to pay the real bills. And perhaps they are working on a new project. Which all makes sense.

    But it would be nice if they didn't completely neglect this title.
  • jesterjester Member Posts: 2,752
    I'm not entirely sure updates are a good thing.
  • FragFrag Member Posts: 336
    Lol ya jester. Some updates have been questionable
  • wrinkled_bagwrinkled_bag Member Posts: 713
    You should all ask about updates for your game on the walking dead forum. Three active mods you can find their names to tag in the letter to the community. Support your member @Earl_1 in his post.

    Good luck
  • Earl_1Earl_1 Member Posts: 315
    Bi hv written there but not tagged mods. Will do. They gv seen my post however cuz they banned player named fatman for something he said
  • SgtSalamiSgtSalami Member Posts: 578
    @Earl_1 So Fatman got banned? Shadow or full? Temp or Permanent?
  • SgtSalamiSgtSalami Member Posts: 578
    Yes, his post here at 6:56 does not show....
  • Earl_1Earl_1 Member Posts: 315
    Shadow is what I was told
  • SgtSalamiSgtSalami Member Posts: 578
    Ok, so he needs to change his posts to be reinstated.
  • AproldAprold Member Posts: 4
    I have also come to believe that Next Games has abandoned this game. Which can only mean they have big problems in the company as the game is supposed to be their very own creation which they can be proud of. Indeed, the game is superb in many ways which makes it even more confusing why oh why you abandon something like that? As I have understood the game was launched last year in the spring and Android version was launched a year later this spring which is also when I started to play it. I immediately recognized it as a great game and fell in love with it. C'mon, Android release was just now and then you just disappear!? What happened? This is not the correct way to treat your customers what we all are. Being silent is just rude and childish, have some balls and let us know how things are. If you are not going to develop the game any further or fix any bugs then just say it. Otherwise you'll be known as a company who betrayed their customers and nobody will take you seriously any more. Disappointed is what I am...
  • KellyGreyKellyGrey Member Posts: 93
    Thanks everyone, I totally understand your concern and I have relayed your message on to our developers about needing another update in the West!
  • mormelmormel Member Posts: 16
  • DoodleAnnDoodleAnn Member Posts: 89
    edited August 2016
    Can we hear from someone other than Kelly Grey? Same thing always .... We NEED something - heck take the snow off of gold rush - did you know it is harsh on a lot of people's eyes? And most of your people that play are adults! If you put a tiny bit in I would have recommended it - as it is you are losing people DAILY.
  • Earl_1Earl_1 Member Posts: 315
    @KellyGrey thank u so much!!! First response from anyone in very long time
  • DoodleAnnDoodleAnn Member Posts: 89
    True Earl , I was just hopeful that we could get someone on here that didn't have to take it back to anywhere or relay it -- oh well - moving on to the next game is what most have already done - really hope that they can save it !
  • Lucky_Charles1608Lucky_Charles1608 Member Posts: 26
    It is a standard answer from @KellyGrey, I got a same kind of answer in the Help-section. Think they have a trainee sending all the answers to keep us quiet, don't they @Nekobasu?
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