Administration... When are we going to see a update?

Its way over due. How longs it been? Chat needs updating. Spell check, symbols, icons, ect....

Dr. Waltz cards need to be switched back the way they where. Shaman, so they can heal each other, and heal troops on the move....they are to slow!

And a big idea is Attack sharing, like BoomBeach has.



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    Didn't you hear.... Dr. Waltz passed away. He was fatally injured when Bigfoot tried line dancing at the Saloon. His son, Dr. Waltz Jr. Has taken over the medical practice, instituting the new rate schedule in line with Insurance Company guidelines.


    Painful as it was, the Dr. Waltz card 'balancing' brought it in line with all the other feeble 'regular' Town Cards. The 2 hour time of the Notorious card is quite practical (if all my 175 sidekicks are 'injured', I have 3.5 hours of healing, the old 8 hour card was crazy). The 'regular' card is a proportional amount of time in line with all the other 'regular' cards.

    Yes, we need an update badly, but don't hold your breath for the return of the old Dr. Waltz cards.
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    Um... So it's been a few days, no response? People are dropping like flies.

    I love this game but they need to keep it updated, and show they are striving for improvement. And advertise, to spark interest
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    Reumster, this is Joe from TG1.
    The change to the Dr. waltz cards was the single biggest money grab that the developers have ever done in this game. They will never change it back because they would lose money in their eyes and they would lose face. They will not stand for losing either.
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    I actually do not mind the change Joe_s, rather than rely on cards to fix up your F**k ups. Players can payout or waitout.
    Most are becoming better tactical players because of the change rather than part with hard earned money.
    I understand it was the intent of NG to raise funds but again they underestimated the CPW players ability to adapt.
    Most players would by steel if it was available till they had their railways max'd. So NG are not that greedy.
    Whilst we are playing proves they have not given up on the game.
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    ? Earth to Admin? When is the update?
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    @Nekobasu @Teeceezy @KellyGrey Howdy! Any way we can get an update? Its been quite a while and steel is extreemely unbalanced as the furnace is maxed at level 10. All of us players are waiting for merges that only need steel. Any help?

    Also, how about a community event for steel prizes?
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    ? Is anyone listening?
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    Wow- just joined the forum only to find there are no comments regarding any recent updates from admin. I dropped out of CPW after a few months of playing and had come back hoping to find the game still going strong with the promised updates...nothing. Really disappointed. CPW was truly unique and could still continue to be an amazing game. I'll hang around for awhile and hope admin/development get off their collective keisters and get busy again.
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    Heard they started a new game and all their focus is on that one now, I heard that TWD has been being neglected as well. ( I don't play it, but some one told me)
    I can only assume it's true. I think heII will freeze over before they update. Holding your breath is not recommended. :/<3
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