True Grit is where you belong!

FizzyBFizzyB Member Posts: 20
Hey Everyone!!!

True Grit is a top 5 posse and we're looking for a couple of hard working, fun loving players to join us!! :smiley:

Our minimum requirement is your level x2000 so if you can hit that or higher come join us!

If you're not quite there (but would like to be) check out True Grit 2. The minimum requirement there is your level x1000.

Hope to see you soon! :smiley:


  • FizzyBFizzyB Member Posts: 20
    6 spots left!

    3 in True Grit (#5 on the leaderboard)

    3 in True Grit 2

    Take your pick and come join us! :)
  • FizzyBFizzyB Member Posts: 20
    2 spots left in True Grit

    1 spot left in True Grit 2

    We have two really great groups of people and have tons of fun! Come joke around with us and win some prizes too! :)
  • FizzyBFizzyB Member Posts: 20
    It's a new event!! We have:

    5 spots in True Grit (#4 on the leaderboard)

    3 spots in True Grit 2 (#44 on the leaderboard)

    Come join us! We'd love to have you!!
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